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  1. brusque
  2. succinct
  3. espy
  4. aggrandize
  5. torrid
  1. a giving off intense heat, passionate
  2. b to catch sight of, glimpse
  3. c marked by compact precision
  4. d short, abrupt, dismissive
  5. e to increase or make greater

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  1. to displace and substitute for another
  2. a grossly inferior imitation
  3. easily yielding to authority
  4. of dark colour or complexion
  5. to coax, urge

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  1. fosterto stimulate, promote, encourage


  2. myriada poet, often a singer as well


  3. batteryan assault or an array of similar things intended for use toether


  4. exorbitantexcessive


  5. whetto satisfy (an appetite) fully


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