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  1. celestial
  2. ubiquitous
  3. sate
  4. foster
  5. torrid
  1. a relating to the sky or the heavens
  2. b giving off intense heat, passionate
  3. c to satisfy (an appetite) fully
  4. d existing everywhere, widespread
  5. e to stimulate, promote, encourage

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  1. sharp, severe
  2. of dark colour or complexion
  3. charming, attractive
  4. to satisfy excessively
  5. heavenly, exceptionally delicate or refined

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  1. haila poet, often a singer as well


  2. terrestrialrelating to the sky or the heavens


  3. cursorybrief to the point of being superficial


  4. obdurateunyielding to persuasion or moral influences


  5. presumptuousexisting everywhere, widespread


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