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  1. sate
  2. battery
  3. pertinacious
  4. celestial
  5. incisive
  1. a stubbornly persistent; holding to a belief or position
  2. b clear, sharp, direct
  3. c an assault or an array of similar things intended for use toether
  4. d relating to the sky or the heavens
  5. e to satisfy (an appetite) fully

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  1. having a healthy, reddish colour
  2. reserved, distant
  3. easily yielding to authority
  4. disrespectfully bold
  5. to satisfy excessively

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  1. credulityto hold oneself back, forbear


  2. lacerationto hold oneself back, forbear


  3. travestya grossly inferior imitation


  4. swarthya satirical imitation


  5. supplantmarked by compact precision


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