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  1. Boom is over
  2. Black Tuesday > Millions of stocks, Billions of dollars lost
  3. 1.) U.S investors have little money to spend abroad
    2.) Europe can't pay war debts
    3.) Europe production plummets
    4.) Europe cant afford American Goods
    5.) U.S profits plummet
  4. Couldn't "purchase" expensive items
    Wealthy lifestyle but no money

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  1. Business CloseSnowball Effect
    As businesses close, unemployment rises.


  2. Hoover is electedVery few (1%) people are extremely wealthy
    Lots of people (65%) are in poverty


  3. o Hawley - Smoot TariffEngineer
    Extremely Wealthy
    Retires to be a public servant
    Secretary of Commerce & Food Commission
    Easily Beats Alfred Smith


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