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  1. Farmers are forced to buy expensive equipment
    Crop prices fall.
    Dust Bowl looms in the future
  2. Raises prices on imports
    Foreign countries enact their own
    Expanded the depression globally
  3. People fear for their money
    "Run" on banks and withdraw
    In the next 3 years approx. 3,500 banks close
  4. Very few (1%) people are extremely wealthy
    Lots of people (65%) are in poverty

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  1. Oct. 24, 1929Black Thursday > Investors sell off stock


  2. Global Depression Cycle1.) U.S investors have little money to spend abroad
    2.) Europe can't pay war debts
    3.) Europe production plummets
    4.) Europe cant afford American Goods
    5.) U.S profits plummet


  3. Easy Credit Hides ProblemsSnowball Effect
    As businesses close, unemployment rises.


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