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  1. False
  2. d. agriculture
  3. d. Extreme weight loss
  4. The Bantu
  5. d. all of the above
  1. a Which of the following is NOT a symptom of scurvy.
    a. Corkscrew hairs.
    b. Bleeding gums.
    c. Pasty tongue.
    d. Extreme weight loss
    e. Iron-deficiency anemia.
  2. b __________ are people who began to migrate out of W. Central Africa about 3000 BCE southward and eastward to subsume almost all other African peoples.
  3. c Which of the following is an ultimate factor that lead to the rise of civilization?
    a. horses
    b. epidemic diseases
    c. writing
    d. agriculture
    e. all of the above
    f. none of the above
  4. d Why is DDT now being used again to control malaria in several African countries?
    a. it is environmentally benign when used in IRS
    b. There are no cost effective alternatives
    c. its adverse health effects are equivocal or very small
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above
  5. e The 2nd Anglo-Boer war from 1899-1902 was also known as the South African war, and was fought between the British and the Indian settlers of South Africa. T/F

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  1. The depopulation of the new world by smallpox contributed to the development of the transatlantic slave trade. T/F
  2. The first major outbreak of African sleeping sickness coincided with
    a. European imperialism in the late 19th century
    b. Portuguese slave raids in the 15th century
    c. global warming
    d. widespread use of DDT
    e. all of the above
  3. The evolution of Cro-Magnon humans and the concomitant development of the use of tools is known as
    a. The Rise of Civilization
    b. The Recent Era
    c. The Great Leap Forward
    d. The Neolithic Era
  4. ______ The doctrine that stated you couldn't set up a colony in name only. You had to colonize it, set up a government administration, and use it economically. If you didn't, then another country could takeover your claim to it.
  5. Tamil Indians were brought to Ceylon by the French to harvest rubber in 1870. T/F

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  1. FalseCivilization developed in Africa and spread from there around the world. T/F


  2. f. c and d onlyWhich of the following cast doubt on the Beringia land bridge theory that humans arrived in the New World around 20,000 ybp
    a. Evidence of village life in Chile/S. Peru >43,000 ybp.
    b. Amerindians had their own Neolithic Revolution concurrent with that in the Fertile Crescent.
    c. Solid evidence that the first Amerindians arrived by boat from Australia about 50,000 ybp.
    d. Wreckage of a spacecraft near Machu Pichu, Peru found in 1947.
    e. a and b above.
    f. All of the above.
    g. None of the above


  3. a. Pop increase, labor intensive agric., resource depletion, & human diseases.Which of the following best explains the great Mayan collapse?
    a. Pop increase, labor intensive agric., resource depletion, & human diseases.
    b. Pop increase, poor weather & plant diseases.
    c. Poor agric. technology.
    d. Pop increase & poor agric. technology.


  4. b. Penicillin injections.The Brazilian yellow fever epidemic of the mid-19th century affected mostly
    a. native-born whites
    b. native-born blacks
    c. white immigrants
    d. salt water slaves


  5. d. operated on a system of relaysIn contrast to long distance trade in Europe, such trade in sub-Saharan Africa prior to European intrusion
    a. relied on camel caravans
    b. used waterways exclusively
    c. did not exist
    d. operated on a system of relays


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