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  1. Swidden/slash-burn/milpa
  2. screwworms
  3. d. malaria
  4. False
  5. d. all of the above
  1. a Yaws is a debilitating disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. T/F
  2. b Sickle cell anemia confers resistance to
    a. yellow fever
    b. trypanosomiasis
    c. schistosomiasis
    d. malaria
  3. c 16. Most fly larvae that consume vertebrate tissue feed upon dead tissues, but ______________ feed on living tissue around wounds.
  4. d Malaria can kill by which of the following:
    a. causing low birth weight
    b. causing severe anemia
    c. acute infection, seizures, coma
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above
  5. e type of agriculture that involves cropping a field for 2-3 years followed by fallow for 5-15 years is called _________

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  1. The primary reason Brazil was unable to cultivate rubber was because of a plant pathogen. T/F
  2. Haemagogus
  3. South Africa is surrounded by the nations of:
    a. Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland.
    b. Namibia, Lesotho, 'Zimbabwe, Swaziland
    c. Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Botswana
    d. Egypt, Madagascar, Brazil, and India
    e. Bophutatswana, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe
  4. Inadvertently consuming the cysts of Taenia solium can result in a condition known as __________________.
  5. Which of the following best explains the great Mayan collapse?
    a. Pop increase, labor intensive agric., resource depletion, & human diseases.
    b. Pop increase, poor weather & plant diseases.
    c. Poor agric. technology.
    d. Pop increase & poor agric. technology.

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  1. Cattle plagueRinderpest


  2. f. All except e above.The government of Ceylon and the plantation owners imported Tamil workers from southern India rather than employ the local Sinhala workers to work the coffee plantations for which of the following reasons.
    a. The local Sinhala workers were unreliable.
    b. The coffee harvest coincided with heavy labor demands for village agriculture.
    c. The pay on the plantations was too low.
    d. Paychecks were erratic/irregular.
    e. The Ceylonese ruling class despised Hindus.
    f. All except e above.


  3. FalseWhile on a tropical vacation in Central America, if a Dermatobia hominis lands on you, you should kill it because it could lay an egg on you resulting in an unintended souvenir - a case of myaiasis. T/F


  4. d. all of the aboveThe impact of malaria in Africa can be measured by which of the following:
    a. health care costs
    b. poverty
    c. stifled economic growth
    d. intellectual impairment of young children
    e. all of the above


  5. b. HaitiThe 1793 yellow fever epidemic that struck Philadelphia originated in
    a. Jamaica
    b. Haiti
    c. Cuba
    d. Brazil


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