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  1. Winter bottoms
  2. True
  3. Tea and rubber
  4. Trypanosoma brucei
  5. c. white immigrants
  1. a Tse tse fly
  2. b Coffee was replaced as a major crop in Ceylon by ________ and _________.
  3. c The primary reason Brazil was unable to cultivate rubber was because of a plant pathogen. T/F
  4. d The Brazilian yellow fever epidemic of the mid-19th century affected mostly
    a. native-born whites
    b. native-born blacks
    c. white immigrants
    d. salt water slaves
  5. e _______ is the inflamation and swelling of lymph nodes in the cervical chain caused by trypanosomes that was used by slave traders to recognize diseased individuals.

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  1. Anopheles
  2. Ancyclostoma duodenale
  3. John Dunlop invented the process of vulcanization. T/F
  4. ______ is the name of the phase of desert locust that forms swarms and damages crops.
  5. Which of the following cast doubt on the Beringia land bridge theory that humans arrived in the New World around 20,000 ybp
    a. Evidence of village life in Chile/S. Peru >43,000 ybp.
    b. Amerindians had their own Neolithic Revolution concurrent with that in the Fertile Crescent.
    c. Solid evidence that the first Amerindians arrived by boat from Australia about 50,000 ybp.
    d. Wreckage of a spacecraft near Machu Pichu, Peru found in 1947.
    e. a and b above.
    f. All of the above.
    g. None of the above

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  1. PneumoniaKala-azar


  2. The mosquito/Anopheles______ is where 50,000 Latino workers died under French rule prior to the U.S. intervention and the arrival of W.C. Gorgas.


  3. FalseBovine pleuropneumonia is caused by Mycobacterium pneumoniae. T/F


  4. d. all of the aboveWhich of the following contributed to the development of crowd diseases?
    a. use of nightsoil
    b. irrigation
    c. clearing forests
    d. domesticating animals
    e. all of the above
    f. none of the above


  5. FalseMicrocyclus ulei


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