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  1. True
  2. a. drug treatment
  3. Gallery forests
  4. False
  5. e. all of the above
  1. a The yellow fever epidemic that struck New Orleans and Memphis in 1878 contributed to the decision by the U.S. to invade Cuba in 1898. T/F
  2. b Civilization developed in Africa and spread from there around the world. T/F
  3. c The World Health Organization's strategy to eliminate lymphatic filariasis involves
    a. Drug treatment
    b. Eradicating copepods (Cyclops)
    c. Sand fly control
    d. Mosquito control
  4. d _________ are narrow strips of forests extending from near rivers out into the savannah and providing a corridor for tsetse flies
  5. e The impact of malaria in Africa can be measured by which of the following:
    a. health care costs
    b. poverty
    c. stifled economic growth
    d. intellectual impairment of young children
    e. all of the above

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  1. By 1000 AD powerful empires had formed in which regions of the New World?
    a. Mexico
    b. Peru
    c. Mexico and Peru
    d. northeastern North America
    e. Mexico, Peru, and northeastern North America
    f. Central America
  2. The symptoms of mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis can be treated so there is no permanent scarring and no consequent social stigma. T/F
  3. Schistocerca
  4. A consensus estimate of the number of Amerindians in the New World at the time of first contact with Europeans is approximately
    a. 100,000
    b. 1,000,000
    c. 10,000,000
    d. 50,000,000
    e. 100,000,000
    f. 500,000,000
  5. Malaria has a negative effect on the economies of sub-Saharan countries by
    a. discouraging tourism
    b. discouraging foreign investment
    c. increasing health care costs
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above

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  1. FalseMicrocyclus ulei


  2. Trypanosoma cruziHaemagogus


  3. pork tapewormAncyclostoma duodenale


  4. e. a and b aboveWhich of the following contributed to the development of crowd diseases?
    a. use of nightsoil
    b. irrigation
    c. clearing forests
    d. domesticating animals
    e. all of the above
    f. none of the above


  5. d. all of the aboveWhy is DDT now being used again to control malaria in several African countries?
    a. it is environmentally benign when used in IRS
    b. There are no cost effective alternatives
    c. its adverse health effects are equivocal or very small
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above


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