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  1. d. all of the above
  2. Trypanosoma cruzi
  3. a. crowd diseases
  4. False
  1. a Why is DDT now being used again to control malaria in several African countries?
    a. it is environmentally benign when used in IRS
    b. There are no cost effective alternatives
    c. its adverse health effects are equivocal or very small
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above
  2. b Yaws is a debilitating disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. T/F
  3. c Chagas disease
  4. d Pathogens that spread quickly & efficiently, cause acute rather than chronic illnesses, induce immunity and require a pop of sufficient density are characteristics of what kind of diseases?
    a. crowd diseases
    b. non-crowd diseases
    c. chronic diseases
    d. acute diseases
    e. all bacterial diseases
    f. epizootic diseases

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  1. The World Health Organization's strategy to eliminate lymphatic filariasis involves
    a. Drug treatment
    b. Eradicating copepods (Cyclops)
    c. Sand fly control
    d. Mosquito control
  2. Porotic hyperostosis is the skeletal manifestation in adulthood of childhood anemia. T/F
  3. Sleeping sickness
  4. Smallpox
  5. A civil war between the Tamils and the Sinhalese erupted in Sri Lanka in 1983. T/F

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  1. d. all of the aboveThe sharp increase in visceral Leishmaniasis that has occurred in Brazil in recent years is attributable to
    a. massive migration of people from rural areas to poverty-stricken urban areas
    b. malnutrition
    c. the prevalence of dogs in the sprawling slums
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above


  2. UrediniosporeBlood flukes


  3. The BantuHemileia vastatrix


  4. Gallery forests_________ are narrow strips of forests extending from near rivers out into the savannah and providing a corridor for tsetse flies


  5. The Principle of Effectivity______ The doctrine that stated you couldn't set up a colony in name only. You had to colonize it, set up a government administration, and use it economically. If you didn't, then another country could takeover your claim to it.


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