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  1. Objectives of Estate Planning
  2. Mutual Fund Special Services
  3. Living Will
  4. Small-caps
  5. Pension Plan
  1. a Pension expenses are tax deductible to the employer
  2. b Auto Investment and withdrawal plans
    auto reinvestment plans
    regular income
    phone/internet switching privileges
    check writing privileges
  3. c states your wishes regarding medical treatment in the event of a terminal illness or injury
  4. d $100 million - $1 billion in assets; High volatility, higher returns
  5. e distribute property
    provide for dependents
    select guardians for minors
    minimize estate and inheritance taxes
    minimize settlement costs, including legal and accounting fees
    appoint power of attorney in case of physical or mental impairment

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  1. current steady income is main objective
  2. Traditional IRA
    Roth IRA
    Education IRA
  3. allows for the distribution of money and property
    names the beneficiaries
    contains a remainder clause stipulating the dispostiion of any assets not directly given
  4. are inversely related in the secondary market
  5. an agreement allowing a designated party to "vote your shares"

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  1. Stock Mutual Fundsgrowth funds
    small-company growth funds
    growth-and-income funds
    sector funds
    index funds
    international funds


  2. common disaster clauseidentifies which spouse is assumed to have died first in the event of a simultaneous death


  3. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC)similar to balanced mutual funds in the mix of securities
    aggressively move money between stocks and bonds
    risky due to the turnover rate and associated transaction costs


  4. Ways to avoid probatePension expenses are tax deductible to the employer


  5. Keogh plan and Simplified Pension PlanPlans for small business and self employed


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