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  1. Social Security is paid for with FICA
  2. Bond funds
  3. common disaster clause
  4. Growth stocks
  5. stock repurchases
  1. a 4.2% of yoru first $106,800 pays for Social Security
    1.45% of your total earnings pay for Medicare
    Equal match by your employer
  2. b small investment buys shares in a diversified bond portfolio
    more liquid than individual bonds
    emphasize income over growth
  3. c stock issued by companies whose sales and earnings growth have outpaced the market
    Often are newly formed, smaller companies
  4. d identifies which spouse is assumed to have died first in the event of a simultaneous death
  5. e companies buying back their own stock. Usually done right before a merger

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  1. the process of distributing an estate's assets
  2. sales commissions charged to the investor when purchasing fund shares
  3. a document that outlines the terms of the loan agreement
  4. the amount returned to the holder at maturity
  5. you have the right to vote; however, this right is normally executed through a proxy

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  1. Mortgage REITsbuy property directly
    manage the property
    investors hope the real estate appreciates in value


  2. payment of debt and taxes clausedirects the payment of debts, death and funeral expenses, and taxes


  3. Giftsa legal document that transfers an estate after death


  4. Micro-cap$1-$5 billion in assets


  5. Purpose of Probate Processappoint an executor, if one is not named
    validate the will
    allow for challenges to the will
    oversee distribution of assets


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