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  1. Advantages of Mutual Funds
  2. Interest rates and bond values
  3. vesting period
  4. sales load
  5. appointment clause
  1. a diversification
    professional management
    minimal transaction costs
    avoidance of bad brokers
  2. b are inversely related in the secondary market
  3. c required length of employment to be eligible to receive company paid pension benefits
  4. d charge collected by a scheme when it sells the units. Also called "front-end" load. Scheme that do not charge a load are called "no-load" schemes
  5. e names the executor of the will
    appoints guardians for all children under 18 years of age

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  1. $1-$5 billion in assets
  2. companies buying back their own stock. Usually done right before a merger
  3. similar to corporate pensions or profit sharing plans
    annual contribution of a fixed % of business profit
    or whatever amount you deem necessary to meet your retirement needs
  4. Bonds reduce risk through diversification
    Bonds produce steady current income
    Bonds can be a safe investment if held to maturity
  5. Pension expenses are tax deductible to the employer

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  1. Limited LiabilityIf the company goes broke, you can only lose the amount you invested


  2. back-end loadcommissions charged to the investor when selling the shares


  3. introductory statementidentifies the owner of the will and revokes all previous copies of the will


  4. Classifications of Common Stockstock issued by mature firms that normally pays high dividends
    usually have low growth rates


  5. Education IRAnow known as: Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
    Just like Roth IRA
    contributions are limited to $2000 per year/child
    earnings are tax free
    no tax on withdrawals used for education


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