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  1. Pension Plan
  2. call provision
  3. treasury bonds (US Treasury)
  4. current yield
  5. Unit Investment Trusts
  1. a Pension expenses are tax deductible to the employer
  2. b ratio of annual interest payments to the bond's market price
  3. c allows the issuer to repurchase the bonds before the maturity date
  4. d bills, notes, and bonds
    treasury inflation-indexed bonds
    Mature in 10 to 30 years
  5. e fixed pool of securities, normally municipal bonds
    are passive investments that operate on a buy-and-hold strategy
    normally require $1,000 minimum investment
    long time horizon recommended

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  1. issued to fund public projects
    interest earnings are federal tax exempt
    can be exempt from state taxes
    not very liquid due to the lack of a secondary market
  2. indicates the percentage of the face value that will be paid annually to the holder in the form of interest
  3. the previous day's mid-afternoon ask price the treasury dealers were willing to sell the issue for.
  4. Benefit the small investor diversification and reduced risk. Level the playing field between corporations and the individual investor
  5. classifying stocks based on the size of the firm

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  1. unfunded pensioninvest in both properties and mortgages
    investments result in both capital appreciation and interest income


  2. Stock is...part of a family of retirement plans known as defined contribution plans.


  3. Requirements of a valid willthe price at which open-ended schemes repurchase their units and close-ended schemes redeem their units on maturity. Such prices are NAV related


  4. Claim on incomeas a shareholder you have a right to any earnings of the company after all other obligations are met


  5. 4 Types of Investment Companieshave 3 types: equity, mortgage, hybrid
    lack liquidity of most mutual funds


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