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  1. beneficiaries
  2. Zero-Coupon Bonds
  3. Speculative stocks
  4. Interest rates and bond values
  5. Income funds
  1. a are inversely related in the secondary market
  2. b the people who receive
  3. c current steady income is main objective
  4. d issued by corporarations, municipalities, and the treasury (e.g. STRIPS)
    do not pay interest each year
    are sold at a discount from face value
    price at maturity includes interest payments in lump sum
  5. e stock issued by higher risk companies and generally sold on the OTC market
    some are associated with astronomical gains and loses

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  1. both you and your employer pay toward your retirement
  2. person who is responsible for carrying out the provisions of the will
  3. fixed pool of securities, normally municipal bonds
    are passive investments that operate on a buy-and-hold strategy
    normally require $1,000 minimum investment
    long time horizon recommended
  4. invest in short term securities with maturities of less than 30 days
    work much like an interest bearing checking account with some limitations
    require $1000 investment
  5. US Series EE bonds and I Bonds

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  1. Claim on income$100 million or less in assets


  2. Stock Mutual Fundssales commissions charged to the investor when purchasing fund shares


  3. small company fundsinvest in small companies that usually have sales of $10 million or less


  4. employee stock ownership planemployer contributions are made in the form of company stock
    this form of plan is the riskiest because your retirement is dependent on the performance of the company
    this type of plan does not allow for diversification


  5. introductory statementonly your employer pays toward your retirement


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