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  1. Closed-End Investment Companies
  2. treasury bonds (US Treasury)
  3. Voting rights
  4. Treasury bills
  5. Life-cycle funds
  1. a mature in 3, 6, or 12 months
  2. b you have the right to vote; however, this right is normally executed through a proxy
  3. c are similar to asset allocation funds
    tailor holdings to best meet the needs of investors in a certain stage of the life cycle, such as age or risk tolerance
  4. d bills, notes, and bonds
    treasury inflation-indexed bonds
    Mature in 10 to 30 years
  5. e have a limited number of shares
    sell only the initial offering. subsequent trades are done in a secondary market, similar to the common stock market.
    purchase and selling price is determined by supply and demand

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  1. the previous day's mid-afternoon bid price that treasury dealers were willing to buy the issue for
  2. living trusts and testamentary
  3. names the executor of the will
    appoints guardians for all children under 18 years of age
  4. take effect upon death
  5. pass-through certificates (mortgages)
    issued by government agencies' authorized by congress
    low risk, with interest rates slightly higher than treasury issues
    minimum denomination of $25,000 with maturities from 1-40 years

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  1. Claim on incomeas a shareholder you have a right to any earnings of the company after all other obligations are met


  2. Unit Investment Trustshave 3 types: equity, mortgage, hybrid
    lack liquidity of most mutual funds


  3. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)Traditional IRA
    Roth IRA
    Education IRA


  4. Roth IRAliving trusts and testamentary


  5. Purpose of Probate Processissued by corporarations, municipalities, and the treasury (e.g. STRIPS)
    do not pay interest each year
    are sold at a discount from face value
    price at maturity includes interest payments in lump sum


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