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  1. death
  2. 13
  3. Friar Lawrence
  4. one
  5. Peter
  1. a Juliet's age
  2. b punishment for distributing poison
  3. c the Nurse's servant
  4. d the number of children of Lord Capulet
  5. e he marries Romeo and Juliet

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  1. "I am hurt...a plague on both bouses! I am sped...Is he gone and hath nothing?" Act 3, scene 1
  2. "Your love says, like an honest gentleman, And a courteous, and a kind, and a handsome, And I warrant a virtuous-Where is your mother?" Act 2, scene 5 (53-55)
  3. "Then she is well and nothing can be ill; Her body sleeps in Capel's monument, And her immortal part with the angels lives. I saw her laid low in her kindred's valt" Act 5, Scene 1 (17-20)
  4. tells Romeo and Juliet the other's identity after they have fallen in love at first sight
  5. "Good gentle youth, tempt not a desp'rate man, FLy hence and leave me. Stay not, be gone; live, and hereafter say, A madman's mercy bid thee run away." Act 5, Scene 3 (64-68)

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  1. 6number of cooks for the wedding


  2. apothacaryRomeo goes to this person to buy the poison that will kill him


  3. Mantuathe Italian city that is the setting of Romeo and Juliet


  4. Friar Lawrence's cellwhere Romeo hides after killing Tybalt


  5. Benvolio"O then I see Queen Mab hath been with you: She is the fairies' midwife..." Act 1, Scene 4 (53-55)


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