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  1. Tybalt
  2. Juliet
  3. Susan
  4. false
  5. anagnoresis
  1. a the hero knows she/he made a mistake and will die because of it
  2. b Friar Lawrence scolds the Capulets for their heartless treatment of Juliet when she was alive
  3. c the Capulets think Juliet is crying because of the death of _________
  4. d Nurse's daughter who dies
  5. e "Yes, noise? Then I'll be brief. O happy dagger, THis is thy sheath; there ruse, and let me die." Act 5, Scene 3 (168- 170)

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  1. why
  2. Lord Capulet is so pleased with the news that Juliet will marry Paris that he moves the wedding u up a day (T or F)
  3. Romeo answers Tybalt's insults (villain) with ________
  4. he is with Juliet when she awakens
  5. Romeo goes to this person to buy the poison that will kill him

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  1. Friar Lawrencethe Friar that does not deliever the letter


  2. falseFriar Lawrence is pleased with the Capulet's plans for Juliet's wedding (T or F)


  3. trueOn the morning of the wedding, the Nurse find Juliet "dead" (T or F)


  4. ringwho has the last lines of the play


  5. Mercutioit is the east, and Juliet the sun


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