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  1. False
  2. Normal distribution
  3. Direct cost
  4. Peto test
  5. Dichotomous
  1. a What survival analysis test weighs out survival time in an earlier part of the curve more heavily than other parts of the curve?
  2. b True or false: In step 3 of a systematic review, the person conducting the study must assess the trials for inclusion and determine a k statistic.
  3. c Which type of cost occurs when money physically exchanges hands between two parties?
  4. d What assumption must be made for the independent values in multiple regression analyses?
  5. e What type of dependent data is examined in logistic regression?

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  1. If the residual plot has a slope, either positive or negative, what term implies the error related to the X variables?
  2. What is the type and strength of a linear relationship?
  3. Which statistical test is used for dependent interval/ratio data and independent nominal data with more than 2 groups?
  4. What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be strong?
  5. What equation in a survival analysis shows the probability that an individual's survival time exceeds a specific predetermined value?

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  1. Systematic ReviewWhat is the level of agreement equal to in systematic reviews?


  2. Odds RatioWhat is e^(beta) equal to in logistic regression?


  3. Mean survival timeWhat is S(t)=0.5 equal to in a survival analysis?


  4. TrueWhat is equal to ln(odds ratio)?


  5. 0.00-0.25What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be weak?


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