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  1. True
  2. Odds Ratio
  3. Economics
  4. Log-Rank Test
  1. a What is e^(beta) equal to in logistic regression?
  2. b What is the science of how people make choices regarding the allocation of scarce resources?
  3. c What test is used to compare survival analysis curves?
  4. d True or false: Poorly designed trials can only be excluded from a systematic review if they fail to meet prespecified criteria.

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  1. What is the level of agreement equal to in systematic reviews?
  2. Which type of pharmacoeconomic analysis examines cost and benefit in terms of currency?
  3. What is value equal to?
  4. True or false: Hand searching for articles in systematic reviews is frowned upon as the articles were never published and are not statistically and clinically significant.
  5. What acronym is used for step 1 in systematic review conduction?

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  1. Kaplan-Meier MethodWhat method used in survival analyses depicts a stair-step survival curve and lays out failure events from smallest to largest?


  2. Paired t-testWhich type of cost occurs when money physically exchanges hands between two parties?


  3. FalseTrue or false: Cost-effectiveness analyses do not consider cost-effectiveness equivalent to cost-saving.


  4. BetaWhat is equal to ln(odds ratio)?


  5. Sensitivity analysisWhat type of sub-analysis is used during a cost-effectiveness analysis to test it against changes in uncertain estimates?


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