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  1. Heteroscedasticity
  2. I-squared statistic
  3. True
  4. Correlation
  5. Tertiary literature
  1. a If the residual plot has a slope, either positive or negative, what term implies the error related to the X variables?
  2. b What type of literature are systematic reviews/meta-analyses usually considered to be?
  3. c What statistic tells us the homogeneity of studies used in a systematic review/meta-analysis?
  4. d True or false: Utility (quality adjusted life years x life years gained) can be a negative value.
  5. e What is the type and strength of a linear relationship?

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  1. What are used in order to visualize cost-effectiveness analyses?
  2. True or false: H(t) is a rate, not a probability.
  3. What is the probability that if you survive to t, you will succumb to that event immediately after t?
  4. Which statistical test is used for dependent dichotomous nominal data and independent nominal data?
  5. What analysis determines the difference between actual y values and predicted y values in multiple regression analyses?

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  1. Cochran's Q statisticWhat tells us the significance of a systematic review/meta-analysis?


  2. FalseWhat test is performed in multiple regression analyses to determine if the model is significant?


  3. FalseTrue or false: In step 3 of a systematic review, the person conducting the study must assess the trials for inclusion and determine a k statistic.


  4. Sensitivity analysisWhat is data from individual studies that is pooled quantitatively and reanalyzed using established statistical methods?


  5. Mean survival timeWhat is the area under a survival analysis curve equal to?


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