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  1. Cost-utility analysis
  2. No linear relationship exists
  3. Peto test
  4. Linear
  5. True
  1. a Which type of pharmacoeconomic analysis takes into consideration quality of life?
  2. b What type of relationship must be assumed between independent and dependent variables in multiple regression analyses?
  3. c What is the null hypothesis that we want to reject with F-tests in multiple regression analyses?
  4. d True or false: Kaplan-Meier survival analysis curves do not account for confounding nor multivariate data.
  5. e What survival analysis test weighs out survival time in an earlier part of the curve more heavily than other parts of the curve?

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  1. Which type of pharmacoeconomic analysis looks at a result in dollars per change in outcome?
  2. True or false: Multiple regression analyses can have more than 1 dependent variable but only 1 independent variable.
  3. What statistic tells us the homogeneity of studies used in a systematic review/meta-analysis?
  4. Which statistical test is used for dependent ordinal data and independent nominal data?
  5. What is beta equal to in logistic regression?

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  1. Cost-benefit analysisWhich type of pharmacoeconomic analysis examines cost and benefit in terms of currency?


  2. Paired t-testWhich statistical test is used for dependent interval/ratio data and independent nominal data with 1 group?


  3. TrueTrue or false: If a log-rank test evaluates two kaplan-meier curves with a p=0.03, this means that there in no difference between the survival curves.


  4. Median survival timeWhat is the area under a survival analysis curve equal to?


  5. Forest plotWhat test is performed in multiple regression analyses to determine if the model is significant?


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