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  1. False
  2. Dichotomous
  3. Continuous
  4. Logistic regression
  1. a What type of data do multiple regression analyses deal with?
  2. b What type of dependent data is examined in logistic regression?
  3. c True or false: There is no upper limit for groups that can be examined with the Kaplan-Meier Method in survival analyses.
  4. d What statistical analysis calculates an odds ratio for data adjusted for other variables?

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  1. What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be strong?
  2. Which type of cost occurs when pain or suffering is involved?
  3. What method used in survival analyses depicts a stair-step survival curve and lays out failure events from smallest to largest?
  4. True or false: Cost-utility analyses are types of cost-benefit analyses.
  5. True or false: Multiple regression analyses can have more than 1 dependent variable but only 1 independent variable.

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  1. FalseTrue or false: Multiple regression analyses should not have any independent or dependent outliers.


  2. K statisticTrue or false: Cost-effectiveness analyses are multidimensional.


  3. Sensitivity analysisWhich type of pharmacoeconomic analysis takes into consideration quality of life?


  4. Spearman rhoWhich statistical test is used for dependent ordinal data and independent ordinal data?


  5. Cost-utility analysisWhich type of pharmacoeconomic analysis looks at the return on investment?


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