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American History Book 2 Quiz 3 Test

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  1. Parliament
  2. Brave, Accurate, Honest, Dependable
  3. Mountain Divide
  4. Proprietary, Individuals
  5. Royal Colonies
  1. a Colonies controlled by the king of England with leaders appointed by him
  2. b The three __________ Colonies were owned by ______
  3. c What were the English lawmakers called
  4. d The flow of water changes direction at a _________ _________
  5. e What kind of people could make it on the frontier?

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. King __________ was removed during this Revolution and __________ and __________ took over as King and Queen
  2. King James II wanted to be ____________ __________ and have all the power. He believed he had the ___ _______ to rule
  3. The _________ ________ took place in England in the year _________
  4. A right from god to be king
  5. The mountain chain running down the east coast is the ________ __________. Name four of the 8 parts

5 True/False Questions

  1. Absolute MonarchSince the land wasn't right, __________ farming was the only kind in england


  2. RoyalThe frontier offered people ____________


  3. Wilderness RoadA right from god to be king


  4. Glorious RevolutionAn event in 1688 where the english got rid of King JamesII


  5. Mountain DivideAn opening that helps get over mountains


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