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  1. Mountain Gap
  2. Kentake
  3. Land
  4. Wanted to trade with indians, wanted to find pacific ocean, were criminals that were chased out
  5. James II, William and Mary
  1. a An opening that helps get over mountains
  2. b The frontier offered people ____________
  3. c King __________ was removed during this Revolution and __________ and __________ took over as King and Queen
  4. d Give three reasons why people wanted to move west
  5. e The indian name for Meadowland is __________.

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  1. Colonies owned by individuals
  2. The people of England who couldn't pay their bills were sent to ________ _________ and James Oglethorpe planned to bring many of them to _________
  3. Daniel Boone found an indian trail through a ________ _________ and this later became known as the ___________ _________.
  4. Jail for people who could not pay their bills
  5. The flow of water changes direction at a _________ _________

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  1. Proprietary, IndividualsThe three __________ Colonies were owned by ______


  2. Glorious Revolution, 1688An event in 1688 where the english got rid of King JamesII


  3. KentakeAn indian word meaning "Meadowland"


  4. Appalachian Mountains, Great Smoky, Allegheny, White, GreenThe mountain chain running down the east coast is the ________ __________. Name four of the 8 parts


  5. RoyalThe eight colonies that were controlled by the king of England were called __________ colonies


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