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  1. is a sampling method which uses random or probabilistic selection as part of its design.
  2. 75/100 * N
  3. for a data set is the difference between the third quartile and the
    fi rst quartile: Q3 􀀀 Q1.
  4. N=n1*n2/k
  5. is a controlled placebo study in which neither the subjects nor the scientists conducting the study know which subjects are in the treatment group and which are in the control group.

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  1. meanof a quantitative data set is a summary of the center of the data set.
    It is computed by adding the data elements together and dividing by N, the number of
    data elements.


  2. confounding variableis a variable which represents a measurable quantity,
    one which can be represented by a number.


  3. surveyis an alternative to a census, in which data is collected from only some members of the population.


  4. quantitative variableis a possible contributing cause in a clinical study or trial that
    could produce the same effect as the variable under investigation. A good clinical study or trial attempts to eliminate confounding variables using a control group.


  5. five-number summaryfor a data set consists of the minimum value in the data set
    Min, the fi rst quartile Q1, the median M = Q2, the third quartile Q3, and the maximum value Max.


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