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  1. George Patton
  2. Fascism
  3. Island Hopping
  4. The Atlantic Charter
  5. Mein Kampf
  1. a A declaration of the right to freedom of trade
  2. b strategy of Allies in WWII of capturing some Japanese-held islands and going around others
  3. c American General who led the Third Army to liberate Paris
  4. d Stressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those of the individuals.
  5. e Book written by Adolf Hitler outlining his ideas about Nazism that became the plan of action for the Nazi Party.

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  1. Complete control over citizens, individuals have no rights, government suppresses all opposition.
  2. Satisfying the demands of dissatisfied powers in an effort to maintain peace and stability.
  3. Last island to be taken in the Island Hopping before the invasion of Japan.
  4. code name for the secret United States project set up in 1942 to develop atomic bombs for use in World War II
  5. American General who began in North Africa and became the Commander of Allied forces in Europe.

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  1. Axis PowersUnited States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union (Big 3)


  2. Operation OverlordUnited States military base on Hawaii that was bombed by Japan, bringing the United States into World War II. Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941.


  3. Bennito Mussolinitotalitarian dictator of Italy


  4. Lend Lease ActApprove by Congress in March 1941; The act allowed America to sell, lend or lease arms or other supplies to nations considered "vital to the defense of the United States."


  5. Nationalismloyalty to one's country above all else.


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