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  1. Omar Bradley
  2. Battle of Midway
  3. Battle for Okinawa
  4. Nazism
  5. Adolf Hitler
  1. a U.S. naval victory over the Japanese fleet in June 1942, in which the Japanese lost four of their best aircraft carriers. The U.S. avenged Pearl Harbor
  2. b The doctrines of nationalism, racial purity, anti-Communism, and the all-powerful role of the State. The National Socialist German Workers Party, otherwise known as the Nazi Party. Nazism was advocated by Adolf Hitler in Germany.
  3. c United States general who unleashed a massive air and land bombardment in the Allied victory in World War II (1893-1981)
  4. d totalitarian dictator of Germany, head of the Nazi Party. Fascist leader.
  5. e Last island to be taken in the Island Hopping before the invasion of Japan.

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  1. American General who led the Third Army to liberate Paris
  2. The Third German Empire, established by Adolf Hitler in 1933.
  3. Britain's new prime minister during WWII who pleaded for US aid and who viewed the signing of the Munich Agreement as appeasement.
  4. Agreement between Germany and Russia not to fight each other. Led to the invasion of Poland.
  5. WAAC: May 15, 1942 women volunteers could serve in noncombatant positions; nurses, ambulance drivers, radio operators, electricians

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  1. Blitzkriega limited portion or allowance of food or goods; limitation of use


  2. The Atlantic CharterA declaration of the right to freedom of trade


  3. AlliesStressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those of the individuals.


  4. Iwo Jimaa bloody and prolonged operation on the island of Iwo Jima in which American marines landed and defeated Japanese defenders


  5. War Production Boardloyalty to one's country above all else.


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