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  1. Blitzkrieg
  2. Axis Powers
  3. The Yalta Conference
  4. Lend Lease Act
  5. Winston Churchill
  1. a Britain's new prime minister during WWII who pleaded for US aid and who viewed the signing of the Munich Agreement as appeasement.
  2. b in World War II, the nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan, which had formed an alliance in 1936.
  3. c "Lighting war", typed of fast-moving warfare used by German forces against Poland n 1939
  4. d Approve by Congress in March 1941; The act allowed America to sell, lend or lease arms or other supplies to nations considered "vital to the defense of the United States."
  5. e FDR, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin met at Yalta, on the Black Sea, in Feb. 1945 to plan the future of Europe after WWII.

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  1. loyalty to one's country above all else.
  2. Stressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those of the individuals.
  3. strategy of Allies in WWII of capturing some Japanese-held islands and going around others
  4. were series of trials in 1945 conducted by an International Military Tribunal in which former Nazi leaders were charged with crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.
  5. First peacetime military draft, 16 million men (21-35) were registered, 1 million drafted for one year- only to serve in the western hemishpere.

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  1. V-J DayVictory in Europe Day - May 8, 1945


  2. Women's Auxiliary Army CorpsWAAC: May 15, 1942 women volunteers could serve in noncombatant positions; nurses, ambulance drivers, radio operators, electricians


  3. Doolittle's RaidU.S. naval victory over the Japanese fleet in June 1942, in which the Japanese lost four of their best aircraft carriers. The U.S. avenged Pearl Harbor


  4. J. Robert oppenheimerAmerican General who began in North Africa and became the Commander of Allied forces in Europe.


  5. Omar BradleyUnited States general who unleashed a massive air and land bombardment in the Allied victory in World War II (1893-1981)


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