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  1. Preoperational stage
  2. Bowen
  3. Inductive reasoning
  4. Tarasoff case
  5. echopraxia
  1. a Duty to warn if: 1. a serious threat of physical violence is made. 2. the threat is made to a specific individual. 3. the threat is made in context of clinician-patient relationship
  2. b Extended family systems that are current and intergenerational. Genograms and ecomaps
  3. c automatic repetition of movements
  4. d Toddler and Early child-hood: magical thinking, moves from strong egocentrism to weaker form, acquisition of motor skills, no logical thinking
  5. e deriving general principles from particular facts or instances ("Every cat I have ever seen has four legs; cats are four-legged animals").

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  1. One cause can produce different results
  2. Greater than 12 months
  3. the use of obscene words involuntarily
  4. a nonparametic correlational
  5. Personality formed by age 5 during phallic stage. Children develop morality by identifying with same sex parent. This develops the superego.

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  1. Pearson's Rhocompares association or correlation between 2 groups. Parametric test.


  2. Formal operational stageAdolescent and Adulthood: development of abstract reasoning


  3. Positive feedbacktakes family back to a comfortable balance and maintains homeostasis.


  4. concrete operational stageAdolescent and Adulthood: development of abstract reasoning


  5. Negative feedbackpushes family into the changes and away from homeostatic state. Allows for a more functional family balance to emerge.


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