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  1. reactivity
  2. Kohlberg
  3. Positive feedback
  4. concrete operational stage
  5. Tarasoff case
  1. a Elementary and Early Adolescence: no longer egocentric, logical and very concrete thought
  2. b Stages of moral develoment: Pre-conventional, Conventinal, Post-conventional
  3. c when people know they are being watched they act differently than they normally would. They may do things they wouldn't normally do.
  4. d pushes family into the changes and away from homeostatic state. Allows for a more functional family balance to emerge.
  5. e Duty to warn if: 1. a serious threat of physical violence is made. 2. the threat is made to a specific individual. 3. the threat is made in context of clinician-patient relationship

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  1. Ackerman: psychoanalytic approach, insight oriented
  2. a nonparametic correlational
  3. compares means of two groups. Parametric test.
  4. family has an identity of its own and is more than the sum of its parts
  5. 1st level-uses labels for simple categorical data. Only mode present

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  1. Ordinal2nd level-1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th; bad, medium, good. IQ is an example. Only mode and median present.


  2. Formal operational stageToddler and Early child-hood: magical thinking, moves from strong egocentrism to weaker form, acquisition of motor skills, no logical thinking


  3. TATa projective technique using black-and-white pictures


  4. Statistical Significance .05educated quotient. the research standard is usually set at this point. "5 times out of 100 you will be wrong".


  5. ConventinalChildren; (1) Obediance and Punishment Orientation; (2) Self-interest orientation


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