Ch 8 Muscles (3)

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thin myofilament

is composed of mostly a protein called actin


during contraction this shaftlike molecule that has a "head" (cross bridges) that sticks out towards the thin myofilament molecule (also called thick myofilament)


when your muscles are relaxed this molecule is not connected to the thick myofilament (also called thin myofilament)


the basic functional unit of the skeletal muscle


the basic contractile unit of the skeletal muscle


is made up of numerous thick and thin myofilaments


consists of dark and light stripes or cross striations

Z lines or disks

separates the sarcomeres from each other

thick and thin myofilament

when the muscle contracts these molecules slide toward each other

sliding filament model

is the explanation of how a skeletal muscle contracts


is stored inside of the endoplasmic reticulum of a muscle cell when it is in the relaxed state


is stimulated by nerve impulses that causes it to be released from the endoplasmic reticulum


during contraction it combines to the thin myofilament to release actin


acts as a ratchet to pull the actin to the center of the sarcomere and thus causes the muscle to contract


transfers energy to the myosin and is also called the energy-transfer molecules of the cell


is required by the ATP to transfer energy to the myosin heads


stores oxygen in the muscle fiber and is red similar to hemoglobin

thick myofilament

are formed from a protein called myosin


during contraction it is combined with the thick myofilaments (myosin) and this causes it to pull on the thin myofilment (actin)

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