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  1. PTS post tramatic stress
  2. A5
  3. Dissociative Identitiy Disorder
  4. generalized anxiety disorder
  5. -Dissociative disorders
  1. a is needed to see how well the condition is improving
  2. b psycological disturbance due to major trumatic event
  3. c multiple personalitys
    each one is different from the other
  4. d anxiety is marked with high levels where no specific threat is tied.
  5. e disruptions in mental functioning such as memory, consciousness and self-identity.. caused by extreme trauma or abuse

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  1. periods of mania nad depression separated by periods of relative normalcy
  2. Biological, genetics, amongst identical twins in 65% both have it. Psychodynamic, early childhood experiences, depression in anger turned inwards
  3. individuals can be severly depressed or manic, can include both mania and depression
  4. preoccupation with imagined defects in appearance ie man who thought he was ugly
  5. bhevioural physiological and cognitive indications ie phobias, panic disorders,generalized anxiety,ocd,post traumatic.. behavior(avoidance stuttering, shakiness) physiological
    (rapid heart rate) cognitive(problems concentrating)

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  1. A2 personality disorderspeople who are troubled by anxiety or depression disorders


  2. phobiasis needed to see how well the condition is improving


  3. Depressionloss of motivation, sadness and dispair, stress,


  4. Wahl 1999 danger labeling individuals...


  5. Rosenhan 1973...


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