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  1. conversion disorder
  2. Dissociative Identitiy Disorder
  3. C Paranoid Schizo
  4. manual to find disorders
  5. B Catatonic Schizo
  1. a problem with sensory and motor functioning w/out medical explanation, causes; stress, attention as reinforcer,
  2. b random motor activity, remin virtually still, hyperactive and incoherent
  3. c delusions of presecution and delusions of Grandeur (believe to have many enemies,
  4. d DSM-1V-TR Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 1. clinical disorders, personaility or mental retardation, general medical conditions, social or environment problems, global assesement
  5. e multiple personalitys
    each one is different from the other

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  1. legal term, "not psychological one"
  2. thoughts are the obssion, and the urges to engage in senseless rituals is the compulsion
  3. periods of mania nad depression separated by periods of relative normalcy
  4. loss of motivation, sadness and dispair, stress,
  5. abnormal and normal exist on a continuum, it does not mean dangerous or bad, they come in mild moderate and severe forms

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  1. maladaptiveeveryday adaptive behavior is impaired. can oftan be subtace use or drug disorders


  2. Dissociative Amnesiatravel far away and wake up not knowing where you are, travel far away with loss of memory of past events


  3. Mood Disordersafraid of having same kind of panic attack,afriad of the attack not the thing


  4. -Anxiety Disordersbhevioural physiological and cognitive indications ie phobias, panic disorders,generalized anxiety,ocd,post traumatic.. behavior(avoidance stuttering, shakiness) physiological
    (rapid heart rate) cognitive(problems concentrating)


  5. A5thoughts are the obssion, and the urges to engage in senseless rituals is the compulsion


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