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  1. B Catatonic Schizo
  2. Mood Disorders
  3. Wahl 1999 danger labeling individuals
  4. PTS post tramatic stress
  5. A3 genearl medical condition
  1. a random motor activity, remin virtually still, hyperactive and incoherent
  2. b ...
  3. c diabetes artritus
  4. d psycological disturbance due to major trumatic event
  5. e individuals can be severly depressed or manic, can include both mania and depression

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  1. individual is not responsible for the crime committed
  2. can last for weeks to months, extensive loss of memory of personal info
  3. ...
  4. differs from what society considers acceptable.
  5. preoccupation with imagined defects in appearance ie man who thought he was ugly

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  1. diorders things to knowloss of motivation, sadness and dispair, stress,


  2. Homesexualitywas once listed as a disorder, it was modifyed and changed after hearing Activist voices and America adapting its values


  3. personal distresslong patterns of extreem inflexible personality traits that are deviant or maladaptive and lead ot impaired functioning or subjective distress


  4. C Paranoid Schizorandom motor activity, remin virtually still, hyperactive and incoherent


  5. OCDis needed to see how well the condition is improving


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