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  1. Assonance
  2. Pratchett, Terry
  3. warm colors (red and yellow)
  4. character direction
  5. rectangle and squares, linear shapes
  1. a facing right- going into adventure or into unknown
    facing or moving left- safety or known. a block of some sort to journey
  2. b communicate problems or encounters with discipline or unforgiving, difficult circumstances
  3. c repetition of a vowel
  4. d The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.
  5. e communicate activity and action

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  1. at top of page- dominant, powerful, happy
    at bottom- dominated, powerless, sad
    middle- center of attention? (alone, or isoated? surrounded by friends and happy?)
  2. is "any departure from consensus reality"
    transforms the psychological and the metaphysical into the physical, the abstract, into concrete
  3. "Little Red Cap"
  4. explicit comparison using "like" or "as."
  5. magical elements in a realistic setting
    magical is not intended to frighten and is presented as a natural part of the world we know
    sometimes used by authors of a distinct culture or ethnic group
    a form that often makes some sort of political commentary--not necessarily to do with government

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  1. themewords that sound the same


  2. Carrol, LewisAlice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865).


  3. elements of day to day experiencesfacial expressions, body, language and position, spatial relationships between characters, characters and their setting, settings


  4. Connotationexplicit or dictionary meaning of a word


  5. cool colors (blues or grays)communicate activity and action


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