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  1. Assonance
  2. Perrault, Charles
  3. romantic tradition
  4. Setting
  5. character size
  1. a large- power, dominance
    small- weakness, submissiveness
  2. b Location and time in which the action of a literary work takes place.
  3. c "Little Red Riding Hood"
  4. d repetition of a vowel
  5. e presents child's voice and/or perspective and/or focuses on nature and its wonders

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  1. communicate calmness
  2. magical elements in a realistic setting
    magical is not intended to frighten and is presented as a natural part of the world we know
    sometimes used by authors of a distinct culture or ethnic group
    a form that often makes some sort of political commentary--not necessarily to do with government
  3. using language in a non-literal way. Comparing seemingly unlike objects or experiences to heighten meaning. Metaphor, simile, and personification are types of figurative language.
  4. Mirandy and Brother Wind (1988).
  5. giving human traits to non-human beings or objects

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  1. Lyric poemdescribes something, an object, scene, or feeling. The poem will have a song-like quality. (Walter de la Mare, "Silver")


  2. Carrol, LewisAlice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865).


  3. ForeshadowingDescriptions, comments, occurrences in a literary work that prepare the reader for occurrences later in the work. The warning at the start of a story often foreshadows events that occur later.


  4. elements of day to day experiencesfacial expressions, body, language and position, spatial relationships between characters, characters and their setting, settings


  5. Pratchett, Terryused for emphasis or structure


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