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  1. Grimm, Jacob and Wilhem
  2. circular shape
  3. Denotation
  4. Character/characterization
  5. Metaphor
  1. a Characters are the people or beings in a literary work. Characterization consists of the elements that communicate who or what the characters are. Descriptions, actions, comments from other characters can all contribute to characterization.
  2. b explicit or dictionary meaning of a word
  3. c "Hansel and Gretel"
  4. d communicates harmony, security, contentment
  5. e implied comparison

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  1. A long narrative poem, often with repeated refrains or choruses.
  2. "The Chinese Red Riding Hoods"
  3. large or small space around picture. feelings of etrapment, isolation, freedom, abandonment, is it white or decorated
  4. humorous or comical verse that plays with absurd images and ideas. Often, however, the stories of nonsense poems are very logical; the language presents the absurdity. ("Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll)
  5. giving human traits to non-human beings or objects

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  1. Delarue, Pauldescribes something, an object, scene, or feeling. The poem will have a song-like quality. (Walter de la Mare, "Silver")


  2. Lyric poemtells a story.


  3. double-page spreadmay signal or support and important change in story


  4. Settingrealistic, cartoon-like, are details exaggerated or eliminated, patterns, nature


  5. stylewords that sound the same


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