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  1. Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm
  2. Personification
  3. Concrete Poetry (also known as shaped verse or pattern poetry):
  4. Carroll, Lewis
  5. McKissack, Patricia and Jerry Pinkney
  1. a Mirandy and Brother Wind (1988).
  2. b giving human traits to non-human beings or objects
  3. c "Little Red Cap"
  4. d Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865).
  5. e the arrangement of the words on the page is in a shape or pattern that reflects the content in some way. (Livingston, "Whispers")

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  1. "Bam, Bam, Bam"
  2. "Little Red Riding Hood"
  3. words that sound the same
  4. Human characteristics assigned to abstract concepts, animals, or inanimate objects. Anthropomorphization is similar to personification but is usually used for examples of extended or sustained personification.
  5. 1. "the explicit social, political or moral beliefs of the individual writer, and his wish to recommend them to children through the story" (27).

    2. ". . . the individual writer's unexamined assumptions" (30). It is "passive ideology" (29).

    3. "A large part of any book is written not by its author but by the world the author lives in" (32), and "As a rule, writers for children are transmitters not of themselves uniquely, but of the worlds they share" (33)

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  1. Lyric poemtells a story.


  2. Similerealistic, cartoon-like, are details exaggerated or eliminated, patterns, nature


  3. Alliterationrepetition of a consonant


  4. Denotationexplicit or dictionary meaning of a word


  5. Onomatopoeiawords that sound like their meanings


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