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  1. Pratchett, Terry
  2. Muñoz Ryan, Pam
  3. Lobel, Arnold
  4. Merriam, Eve
  5. magical realism
  1. a Frog and Toad Together (1972).
  2. b magical elements in a realistic setting
    magical is not intended to frighten and is presented as a natural part of the world we know
    sometimes used by authors of a distinct culture or ethnic group
    a form that often makes some sort of political commentary--not necessarily to do with government
  3. c "Bam, Bam, Bam"
  4. d Becoming Naomi León.
  5. e The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.

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  1. 1. dreamer has a problem or question of some sort
    2. the dreamer falls asleep
    3. elements in the waking life, and the problem or question, show up in the dream
    4. there is a guide of some sort, who usually gives only minimal help
    5. the dreamer wakes up having solved the problem, or having learned to deal with it
  2. A set of beliefs underlying the customs, habits, and practices common to a given social group. To members of that group, the beliefs seem obviously true, natural, and even universally applicable. They may seem just as obviously arbitrary, idiosyncratic, and even false to those who adhere to another ideology. Within a society, several ideologies may coexist; one or more of these may be dominant.
  3. explicit or dictionary meaning of a word
  4. The narrative structure or arrangement of events in a story, novel, or play.
  5. giving human traits to non-human beings or objects

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  1. cool colors (blues or grays)communicate calmness


  2. Connotationexplicit or dictionary meaning of a word


  3. picture booksusually short books with words and pictures that work together to create a story


  4. children's literaturerepetition of a consonant


  5. Metaphorimplied comparison


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