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  1. An injured parties ability to recover damages in a contract action is limited by three principles
  2. compensate for losses that occur as a consequence of contract.
  3. awarded in addition to the compensatory remedy that are designed to punish a defendant for particularly reprehensible behavior and to deter the defendant and others from commenting similar damages.
  4. is an equitable remedy whereby the court orders the breaching party to perform his contractual duties as promised.

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  1. Alternative damagesThe normal measure of compensatory damage is not appropriate in every case.

    When it is not appropriate, a court may use an alternative measure of damages.


  2. Nominal Damagescompensate for reasonable cost that injured part incurs the breach in an effort to avoid further loss.


  3. Liquidated DamagesThe parties to a contract may expressly provide their contracts that a specific sum shall be recoverable if a contract is breached.


  4. Legal Remedies (damages) three principlesA party can recover damages only for those losses that they can prove with reasonable certainty. losses that are purely speculative recoverable

    A breaching party is responsible for paying only those losses that were foreseeable to him at the time of contracting.

    Plaintiff injured by a breach of contract have the duty to mitigate (avoid or minimize) damages.


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