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  1. hypalgesia
  2. Apraxia
  3. Hyperkinesis
  4. Tourette syndrome
  5. Astrocyte
  1. a Diminished sensation to pain.
  2. b Neurologic disorder characterized by multiple facial and other body tics.
  3. c Excessive movement.
  4. d Inability to perform purposeful acts or manipulate objects.
  5. e Glial (neuroglial) cell that transports salts and water from capillaries.

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  1. Connective and supportive tissue of an organ.
  2. Neurotransmitter chemical released at the ends of nerve cells.
  3. Microscopic fiber that carries a nervous impulse along a nerve cell.
  4. Process of recording the electricity within the brain.
  5. Collection of blood located above the dura mater.

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  1. AnesthesiaLack of feeling or sensation.


  2. ThalamicPertaining to the thalamus.


  3. MigraineManner of walking.


  4. Cauda equinaCollection of spinal nerves below the end of the spinal cord.


  5. EncephalopathyDisease of a spinal nerve root.


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