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sophie May 9/11 History Test

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  1. members of the counter culture who experement with different ways of behaving and living
  2. to mobelize economic & political power of blacks to improve thier condition
  3. a group who's values and practices conflict with those of established society
  4. an art movement that used popular everyday images & objects
  5. a section of the city occupied by members of a single or ratical group., a poor densely populated city district occupied by a minority ethnic group linked together by economic hardship and social restrictions

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  1. assimilationthe social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another


  2. Sit-intreating people differently becuase of their gender.


  3. sexismtreating people differently becuase of their gender.


  4. nonviolent resistancea peaceful means to effect change


  5. federalizeto put under the jurisdiction of the federal government


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