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  1. prosecute syn
  2. detract syn
  3. prosecute ant
  4. precaution ant
  5. pessimist
  1. a recklessness, heedlessness
  2. b put on trial, pursue
  3. c defend, abandon, give up
  4. d (n) one who believes or expects the worst; prophet of doom
  5. e subtract from, lower

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  1. (v) to get revenge; to strike back for an injury
  2. (n) a meeting (especially one that is unplanned); a meeting of enemies, battle; (v) to meet or come upon
  3. 1
  4. (adj, adv) violently and destructively enraged
  5. (v) to bring before a court of law for trial; to carry out

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  1. data(n) information; facts, figures, statistics


  2. sham syn1


  3. pantomime(n) charade, mime show, dumb show


  4. chasten syndiscipline, temper


  5. pras e kyut1


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