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  1. precaution
  2. pri ko shen
  3. precaution ant
  4. pantomime
  5. detract syn
  1. a recklessness, heedlessness
  2. b subtract from, lower
  3. c (n) care taken beforehand; a step or action taken to prevent something from happening
  4. d 2
  5. e (n) a play or story performed without words by actors using only gestures; (v) to express in this way

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  1. (n) confrontation
  2. return, restore
  3. 1
  4. beam, flare
  5. (adj) unrefined, crude; awkward or clumsy

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  1. underscore(v) downplay, de-emphasize, soft-pedal


  2. retaliate synpardon, forgive, turn the other cheek


  3. celestial synearthly, terrestrial, infernal


  4. be ken(n) a light or other signal that warns and guides; a lighthouse; anything that guides or inspires


  5. prosecute antput on trial, pursue


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