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  1. be ken
  2. sham syn
  3. uncouth
  4. underscore ant
  5. berserk
  1. a (n) fraud
  2. b 1
  3. c (adj, adv) violently and destructively enraged
  4. d (v) downplay, de-emphasize, soft-pedal
  5. e (adj) unrefined, crude; awkward or clumsy

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  1. (v) underline, stress, emphasize, accent
  2. commandeer, expropriate
  3. boorish, graceless
  4. 1
  5. (v) to get revenge; to strike back for an injury

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  1. se les chel(adj) having to do with the sky or heavens; heavenly; yielding great bliss or happiness


  2. detract synsaga, chronicle


  3. chasten(v) to punish (in order to bring about improvement in behavior, attitude, etc); to restrain, moderate


  4. kan fe skat1


  5. wholesomenourishing, beneficial


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