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  1. Fireside Chat
  2. Armistice
  3. Battle of the Bulge
  4. John Kennedy
  5. Fascism
  1. a FDR's radio speeches giving Americans hope during the depression
  2. b 35th U.S. President; Democratic
  3. c a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms
  4. d political system based on a strong centralized government headed by a dictator
  5. e WWII battle in which German forces launched a final counterattack in the west

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  1. an acute viral disease marked by inflammation of nerve cells of the brain stem and spinal cord; crippled FDR
  2. 31st President of the United States
  3. Cuban socialist leader who overthrew a dictator and established a Marxist socialist state in Cuba
  4. a Russian artificial satellite
  5. British statesman and leader during World War II

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  1. Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA) New Deal agency created to generate electric power and control floods in a seven state region


  2. Treaty of Versaillesended the war between Russia and Germany


  3. 21st Amendmentrepeal of prohibition


  4. William Gorgasleader of Germany during WWI who was stubborn ; eager to show the rest of the world how powerful Germany had become.


  5. Triple Ententealliance between Great Britain, France and Russia (and later the United States)


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