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  1. a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
  2. a phylogenetic classification system that uses shared derived characters and ancestry as the sole criterion for grouping taxa
  3. A character that evolved in a common ancestor among two different groups
  4. taxonomists give varying degrees of importance to characters and thus produce a subjective analysis of evolutionary relationships
  5. a system for giving each organism a two-word scientific name that consists of the genus name followed by the species name
  6. the science of describing, naming, and classifying organisms

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  1. genusa group of similar species


  2. convergent evolutionwhen two or more species NOT descended from a common ancestor develop similar traits


  3. kingdomtaxonomic group containing one or more families


  4. cladograma taxonomic group containing one or more orders


  5. familya taxonomic group containing one or more genera


  6. derived characterEvolved in an ancestor of one group but not of the other.


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