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  1. candlesticks
  2. Rainbow
  3. 1260 days
  4. 144 thousand
  5. Sea - rough and stormy
  1. a time in which the church is in the wilderness - preaching
  2. b God's grace revealed in the covenant fellowship
  3. c church in her ideal existence in fellowship with Christ
  4. d The troubled world
  5. e complete number of God's elect people reconciled by grace as they are upon earth (12X12 + 10X10X10)

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  1. completeness of God's decree
  2. authority of God's word
  3. control, authority, safekeeping
  4. two olive trees and two candlesticks (Zech 4) the ordained ministers of the OT & NT
  5. people reconciled by grace (the influence of 3 upon 4)

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  1. Gog & MagogGod in flesh having obtained the kingdom


  2. Euphrates RiverBoundary of the "Christian" nations and Gog and Magog


  3. Sea - as glassSplendor and transparency of the new creation


  4. Trumpetscompleteness of God's decree


  5. 3 1/2 dayshalf of the week given to the reign of antichrist in which the witness of Christ is silenced


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