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  1. 4 horses and riders
  2. Wings
  3. Seven Spirits
  4. Four
  5. 7 = 3+4
  1. a Holy Spirit as poured out upon the whole church
  2. b Creation in all its fulness (4:8, Ezec 1&10, Dan 7, Zech 1:18)
  3. c God controlled powers that bring the kingdom of God to completion
  4. d Freedom, ascent, development
  5. e Perfection of God's communtion with the cosmos

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  1. people reconciled by grace (the influence of 3 upon 4)
  2. church in her ideal existence in fellowship with Christ
  3. God in flesh having obtained the kingdom
  4. Perfection of all that God does with a view to the eternal sabaath
  5. 1/2 of God's eternal plan, i.e. 1/2 of 7 which is the whole history of the world as the completion of the kingdom of God

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  1. 144 thousandcomplete number of God's elect people reconciled by grace as they are upon earth (12X12 + 10X10X10)


  2. 42 months6X7 power of evil tries to destroy the kingdom of God without success


  3. Flaming eyesomnicience and holy anger


  4. Tencompletion in the kingdom of God


  5. Twenty FourCreation in all its fulness (4:8, Ezec 1&10, Dan 7, Zech 1:18)


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