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  1. twelve
  2. 7 = 3+4
  3. Euphrates River
  4. Seven
  5. Twenty Four
  1. a Boundary of the "Christian" nations and Gog and Magog
  2. b Representatives of the church of all ages (OT + NT)
  3. c completion in the kingdom of God
  4. d people reconciled by grace (the influence of 3 upon 4)
  5. e Perfection of God's communtion with the cosmos

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  1. Green - hope
  2. God in flesh having obtained the kingdom
  3. church in her ideal existence in fellowship with Christ
  4. two olive trees and two candlesticks (Zech 4) the ordained ministers of the OT & NT
  5. completeness of God's decree

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  1. 144 thousandGod in flesh having obtained the kingdom


  2. Flaming eyesFreedom, ascent, development


  3. Seven SpiritsHoly Spirit as poured out upon the whole church


  4. 42 monthswar, judgment and the law (Sinai), God's kingship and warfare against Satan


  5. Eyesthat which reveals his spirit, his nature, and, therefore, his name


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