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  1. Lightning
  2. Flaming eyes
  3. 4 horses and riders
  4. twelve
  5. Wings
  1. a God as King and lawgiver
  2. b people reconciled by grace (the influence of 3 upon 4)
  3. c Freedom, ascent, development
  4. d God controlled powers that bring the kingdom of God to completion
  5. e omnicience and holy anger

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  1. God in flesh having obtained the kingdom
  2. Perfection of all that God does with a view to the eternal sabaath
  3. The whole council of God
  4. a creature of God having become deformed, vicious, & terrifying - symbol of Satan
  5. Number of God as triune

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  1. 144 thousandGod in flesh having obtained the kingdom


  2. RainbowGod's grace revealed in the covenant fellowship


  3. Gog & MagogEarthly powers under Satan's control


  4. 2 witnessesFreedom, ascent, development


  5. Sealscontrol, authority, safekeeping


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