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  1. candlesticks
  2. Emerald
  3. 1260 days
  4. 7 = 6+1
  5. dragon
  1. a church in her ideal existence in fellowship with Christ
  2. b time in which the church is in the wilderness - preaching
  3. c Green - hope
  4. d a creature of God having become deformed, vicious, & terrifying - symbol of Satan
  5. e Perfection of all that God does with a view to the eternal sabaath

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  1. angels/ministers of the churches as they exist in this world upheld by Christ
  2. people reconciled by grace (the influence of 3 upon 4)
  3. number of the creation as it originally received its power from God
  4. Splendor and transparency of the new creation
  5. Boundary of the "Christian" nations and Gog and Magog

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  1. 144 thousandcomplete number of God's elect people reconciled by grace as they are upon earth (12X12 + 10X10X10)


  2. TrumpetsNumber of God as triune


  3. 4 horses and ridersGod controlled powers that bring the kingdom of God to completion


  4. Son of ManGod in flesh having obtained the kingdom


  5. Swordauthority of God's word


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