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  1. diphyllobothriasis
  2. chromomycosis
  3. facultative
  4. flatworms
  5. group of molds called dermatophytes cause what kind of infections
  1. a fish tapeworm
  2. b tinea or ringworm
  3. c alternative electron acceptors in ETC
    i.e enterics-E.Coli, samonella, shigella`
  4. d warty nodules that spread slowly along lymphatics and dev'l crusty abscesses
  5. e phyla playhelminths
    very thin
    segmented body plan

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  1. first breaking of fetal membranes
    -exposed to mothers bacteria in vagina (enter womb)
  2. ciliophora: intestinal/luminal
    caused by B. coli
    contracted eating infected pork
    cyst form
    causes diarrhea
  3. exception above the rule
    non-photosynthetic alga
    associated with skin and subcutaneous infections(but generally mild and self limiting)
  4. giardiasis
  5. sporozoea

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  1. ciliophorasalt lovers
    i.e. staphalococcus aureus


  2. parasitismhost provides parasite with nutrients and habitat
    -mutliplication of parasite generally harmful to host to some extent


  3. dominant species of dry areasmycelium


  4. saprobesamebas
    move via formation of pseudopodia


  5. what do polyene class of antibiotics dopropionibacteria


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