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  1. zoophilic
  2. zygospores
  3. hyaluranidase
  4. fungi
  5. taeniasis
  1. a digests hyaluranic acid- holds cells together
  2. b residing on skin of domestic animals
  3. c few are pathogenic
    (except for dermatophytes)
    about 100 species responsible for human diseases
    of those only dermatophyte phylum is transmittable human to human
  4. d pork or beef tapeworm
  5. e diploid spore formed from the fusion of hyphae from opposite strains

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  1. live on fluids of host ie plasma or digestive juices
    or actively feed on host's tissues
  2. prevents phagocytosis
    (or capability to survive w/in phogocytes
  3. malaria
  4. cestodes
  5. phyla playhelminths
    very thin
    segmented body plan

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  1. giardiasis symptomsdiarrhea, flatulence, and abdominal cramps
    can prevent absorption of nutrients through intestinal walls in high numbers


  2. ascosporeshaploid spores created in a sac


  3. spores carried bygroin area


  4. body of cestodesstroblia


  5. yeast morphologyflagellates
    whip bearers
    move via flexible flagella


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