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  1. tinea barbae
  2. cell wall antigens
  3. african sleeping sickness
  4. malaria
  5. sexual flukes (Schistosomes)
  1. a high level of cross reactivity
    lots of use of similar polymers b/t species
    makes serological typing nearly impossible
  2. b caused by trypanosoma
    vectored by tsete fly
  3. c face and neck
  4. d lifecycle simialr- but only one intermediate snail host
    -humans acquire through contaminated water, or direct skin pentration
    -have defined male and female versions
  5. e caused by 5 diff species of Plasmodium
    infects RBC
    vectored by mosquito
    sickle cell anemia reduces infection potential

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  1. contains sterols (diff than humans)
    important antibiotic targets
  2. nostrils
    on the back
  3. caused by cryptosporidium
    contact w contaminated animal feces
    healthy: self limiting enterits
    immunocompromised: fatal watery diarrhea
  4. scolex
    contains hooks and suckers
  5. apical elongation
    asexual spore formation
    sexual spore formation

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  1. yeastconsidered a commensal fungi


  2. pathogenicityfree spores not enclosed w/in a sac
    pinched off the tip of the hyphae or removed by segmentation


  3. diphyllobothriasisfish tapeworm


  4. echinococcosisdog tapeworm


  5. cysticerosishuman tapeworm


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