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  1. most common systemic among immunocompromised
  2. primary amebic meningioencephalitis
  3. size of inoculum/infectious dose
  4. amatoxins
  5. protozoa feeding mechanisms
  1. a min # of bacteria or virus needed to cause infection
  2. b candidiasis
    pnsumocystis carnii pneumonia(PCP)
  3. c caused by free living SOIL and water organism
    Naegleria fowleri
    access to brain thorugh nasal passages
    patient will die w/in 10 days if infection not treated
  4. d more deadly toxins class produced by fungal orgs
    -often involve inhibition of some protein synthesis
  5. e oral grooves- sweep food particles into passageway or gullet
    packages food into vacuoles for digestion
    -or absorption of food through membrane

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  1. commensal receives benefits
    cohabitant is neither harmed nor benifitted
  2. warty nodules that spread slowly along lymphatics and dev'l crusty abscesses
  3. free spores not enclosed w/in a sac
    pinched off the tip of the hyphae or removed by segmentation
  4. obligatory but mutually beneficial
  5. 10-50

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  1. malariacaused by 5 diff species of Plasmodium
    infects RBC
    vectored by mosquito
    sickle cell anemia reduces infection potential


  2. hermaphroditic flukesheat loving bacteria
    45-150 deg C


  3. parasitic protozoalive on fluids of host ie plasma or digestive juices
    or actively feed on host's tissues


  4. microaerophilicback of throat/jar w/ candle
    live in regions with less oxygen than atmosphere


  5. catalasehydrogen peroxide--> water and oxygen


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