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Microbiology Mid Term 2 Test

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  1. fungi nutritional requirements
  2. most bacteria of alimentary canal
  3. head of cestode
  4. yeast
  5. parasitic protozoa
  1. a scolex
    contains hooks and suckers
  2. b considered a commensal fungi
  3. c all are heterotrophic
    and acquires nutrients from a wide variety of organic materials
  4. d live on fluids of host ie plasma or digestive juices
    or actively feed on host's tissues
  5. e bacteroides (30%)
    fusobacterium, eubacterium
    lesser extent: escherichia, lactobacillus

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. oral cavity
    large intestine
    (other areas do not because of acid, perstalsis and digestive enzymes)
  2. extracellular enzymes
    -inflict damage on host tissues and dissolve defensive defensive barriers
  3. caused by sequestering of hosts nutrients
    excreting toxic wastes
    mechanical blockage (when infections become massive)
  4. giardia lamblia
    cyst stage-ingested usually from water supply by feces contamination
    trophozoite stage- attaches to lumen of lower intestine
  5. association b/w free-living species - compete
    -one microbe will secrete substances to environment that inhibit or destorysother microbe(s)
    -increase competitive advantage- by increasing space and avail nutrients

5 True/False Questions

  1. saprobesinfections from invasive actions of fungus
    rarely directly communicable
    classification based on how deep it spreads


  2. toxoplasmosiscaused by toxoplasma gondii
    contracted from animal contaminated objects
    or contaminated undercooked pork containing cyst
    (often carried by cats)


  3. protozoan shapesome have constant shape other change constantly like amebas


  4. most common systemic among immunocompromisedcoccididomycosis


  5. where so schistosomes infectquinacrine hydrochloride


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