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  1. keratinase
  2. strict anaerobe
  3. temperature
  4. maximum temperature
  5. ascospores
  1. a highest temp at which growth still occurs
  2. b missing catalase and/or SOD, never use O2 w/ETC, in in O@ environments- toxic
  3. c bacteria are unable to self regulate
  4. d dissolves principle components of hair and skin
  5. e haploid spores created in a sac

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  1. released after cell is damaged or lysed
    major endotoxin of bacteria is LPS-lipopolysaccharride layer (gram -)
    released into infection site ad circulation
    -lead to fever, inflammation, hemorrage and diarrhea
    -in blood it can cause fatal endotoxic shock
  2. carbohydrate based
    layers of chitin and/or cellulose, glucan or mannan
  3. filaments known as hyphae (long thread like cells)
    can be separate (w/partitions) or nonseparate (no inner partitions)
  4. ciliophora: intestinal/luminal
    caused by B. coli
    contracted eating infected pork
    cyst form
    causes diarrhea
  5. must have oxygen
    (minimal fermentation)
    run ETC- oxygen only final electron acceptor

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  1. slime layers/capsulesprevents phagocytosis
    (or capability to survive w/in phogocytes


  2. candida albicansthrush and vaginitis


  3. mucinasedissolves mucous


  4. aspergillus flavusresult from the inhalation of aerosolized molds by sensitized people
    -may result in rhintis, bronchial asthma, alveolitis, or generalized pneumonitis


  5. common larval route diseaseshigh level of cross reactivity
    lots of use of similar polymers b/t species
    makes serological typing nearly impossible


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