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  1. intestinal/luminal mastigophora diseases
  2. trichomoniasis symptoms
  3. mastigophorea
  4. toxoplasmosis
  5. minimum temp
  1. a lowest temp at which growth occurs
  2. b flagellates
    whip bearers
    move via flexible flagella
  3. c men are usually asymptomatic
    women- vagina and cervix infected
    itching, inflammation, and production of thick foul smelling discharge
  4. d giardiasis
  5. e caused by toxoplasma gondii
    contracted from animal contaminated objects
    or contaminated undercooked pork containing cyst
    (often carried by cats)

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  1. enterobiasis (pin worm)
    ascarisis (roundworm disease)
    trichuriasis (whipworm)
    hookworm diseaes
    strongyloidiasis (threadworm)
  2. frontal headache, disturbance or smell, taste and vision, nausea, fever, and stiff neck
  3. phyla aschehelminths
    elongated cylindrical non segmented body plan
    -have complete digestive system
    -most have separate distinct sexes
  4. heat loving bacteria
    45-150 deg C
  5. onchocerciasis (river blindness)
    visceral larval migrans
    filariasis (elephantiasis)

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  1. amatoxinsreleased after cell is damaged or lysed
    major endotoxin of bacteria is LPS-lipopolysaccharride layer (gram -)
    released into infection site ad circulation
    -lead to fever, inflammation, hemorrage and diarrhea
    -in blood it can cause fatal endotoxic shock


  2. hyaluranidasemost fungi are____
    acquires nutrients from remnants of dead plants and animals


  3. protozoa nutritionexception above the rule
    non-photosynthetic alga
    associated with skin and subcutaneous infections(but generally mild and self limiting)


  4. mold morphologyfilaments known as hyphae (long thread like cells)
    can be separate (w/partitions) or nonseparate (no inner partitions)


  5. flatworms typeshaploid spores created in a sac


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