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  1. algae
  2. echinococcosis
  3. blood/tissue mastigophora diseases
  4. chaga's symptoms
  5. true pathogens
  1. a if remains at surface: lesion at point of entry
    in bloodstream: can infect heart tissue and cause enlarged heart and caridac arrest
  2. b capable of causing disease
  3. c dog tapeworm
  4. d photosynthetic
    not pathogenic
    animal tissues relatively inhospitable generally
  5. e african sleeping sickness

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  1. from mitotic division
  2. with allergies have-
    higher chances of having harmful species
    -C difficile and S aureus
    lower prevalence
    -bacteriodes and bifidobacteria
  3. bacteria are unable to self regulate
  4. candida
  5. anaerobic

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  1. oxygen damage to cellproduction of singlet oxygen, superoxide radicals and hydrogen peroxide


  2. where does female residein humans - in various abdominal veins
    -blood flukes


  3. cestode clincal injuryability of an organism to cause disease
    i.e. harm the host
    commensals and oppostistics lack inherent ability to cause disease


  4. protozoan shapeunbound toxin
    secreted by living bacteria to surroundings
    -have strong specificity
    -usually work by damageing cell membrane(hemolysins) initiating lysis
    also by disrupting intracellular fx (tetnus/botulism)


  5. simple outward growth followed by fragmentationresponsible for survival multiplication and genetic diversification


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