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  1. prototheca
  2. superoxide dismustase
  3. acquistion of normal flora
  4. collagenase
  5. mutualism
  1. a digests connective tissue
  2. b superoxide radicals--> hydrogen peroxide and oxygen
  3. c obligatory but mutually beneficial
  4. d uterus is sterile until just prior to birth
  5. e exception above the rule
    non-photosynthetic alga
    associated with skin and subcutaneous infections(but generally mild and self limiting)

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  1. anaerobic
  2. caused by tyrpansoma cruzi
    transmitted by bite of assasin/kissing bugs
    organism reproduces in tissues and can spread through body via blood stream
  3. host provides parasite with nutrients and habitat
    -mutliplication of parasite generally harmful to host to some extent
  4. missing catalase and/or SOD, never use O2 w/ETC, in in O@ environments- toxic
  5. production of singlet oxygen, superoxide radicals and hydrogen peroxide

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  1. sporotrichosisgranulotomus ulcer at puncture site
    may produce secondary lesions along draining lymphatics


  2. high percentage of bacteriodes suggestssporothrix schenckii (dimorphic fungus)


  3. apicomplexiasporozea
    glidde via undulating ridges or non-motile


  4. fungi genera in gutpork or beef tapeworm


  5. dimorphicsgrow as yeast around 37 degrees
    grow as molds at lower temperatures


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