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  1. tiberius
  2. patricians
  3. socratic method
  4. myceneans
  5. huns
  1. a Roman upper class who are descendants of the original 300 senators
  2. b series of questions Socrates would ask people without giving them time to answer or think with the goal of frustrating people to the point of thinking for themselves
  3. c second romanemperor who allows free speech, increases the treasury 20 times, limits the cost of food, and was forced by his stepfather to marry Julia after divorcing his pregnant wife
  4. d indo-european people who conquered greek mainland and Minoans who were ruled by warrior kings with large fortresses
  5. e group of fierce nomads and riders who were successful in attacking Germanic tribes and conquering most of eastern Europe

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  1. home to the Minoan civilization and later conquered by the Myceneans
  2. ruler of Qin dynasty, leader of Qin state before he united china
  3. took power by military force, solves economic issues solon did not by creating jobs with building projects ,also increased power of the assembly
  4. founder of confucianism, previously a teacher
  5. right after Xia dynasty, power was in the hands of a king who controlled the military and religious rituals but also relied on the help of local warrior nobles and usually marrying women related to local leaders to strengthen family power (and also used oracle bones). Peasants worked in the fields and lived in pit houses with thatched roofs

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  1. daoismhandsome mortal chosen to judge who is the fairest out of the goddesses


  2. formsphilosophy of Plato, we actually do not know what we are seeing since we are slaves to our senses which are limited, each soul holds perfect knowledge of forms, but to be born each soul must brink from Lethe, the river of forgetfulness and the souls that drink the least see most clearly


  3. assemblyschool founded by plato open to men and women with the goal of training government officials


  4. oedipustwin brother of Romulus


  5. monopolypeaceful people on the island of Crete who based their economy on trading


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