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  1. teiresias
  2. monopoly
  3. draco
  4. struggle of the orders
  5. eris
  1. a plebians threatened to stop military service and grain production unless given more of a position in the government so they are slowly granted more and more concessions
  2. b may be legend, rule and laws were harsh, punishment usually death, allows anyone owning their own armor and weapons to have a vote, also passed a law that debtors would have to sell themselves into slavery to work off debt
  3. c goddess of strife and discord, created golden apple since she was jealous that she did not get invited to the wedding
  4. d the complete control of a product or business by a single person or group, in this case, the Han government (Han China)
  5. e blind prophet who tells Oedipus that he is the real killer of Laius and hat Laius is his father and he is married to his mother Antigone: tells Creon to listen to his son or the people will revolt and he will face tragedy (the importance of a boy to lead the way)

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  1. son of Creon who also loves Antigone and tries to tell Creon to let her go free
  2. wife of Zeus, one of the goddesses who thinks she's the fairest and offers to give Paris power
  3. philosophy in which harsh laws and government were the only way to contain bad-natured people since the nature of man was believed to be evil. Harsh punishments were given to anyone with ideas opposing the government and citizens were supposed to spy and report on each other. Legalism was used in the Qin dynasty to reunite the warring states and the philosophy was founded by Hanfeizi
  4. home to the Minoan civilization and later conquered by the Myceneans
  5. unit of 5000 men in Roman army

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  1. feudalismused in the Zhou dynasty, system of government in which local lords were given land of their own to govern themselves and in turn owed military service and loyalty to the king as well as money, labor, or anything else to support the king when needed


  2. academyboy who leads Teiresias ans symbolizes the importance of Creon listening to Haemon


  3. jiegoddess of strife and discord, created golden apple since she was jealous that she did not get invited to the wedding


  4. Xerxestwin brother of Romulus


  5. polyphemusCyclops who is defeated because of his pride


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