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  1. polyphemus
  2. acupuncture
  3. eurydice
  4. qin dyansty
  5. delian league
  1. a an advance in medicine during the Han Golden Age in which the doctor inserts needles under the skin at specific points to relieve pain or treat illness
  2. b united warring zhou states by imposing harsh laws and a legalist ruler, Shi Huangdi who harshly punished and made his people spy and report any opposing ideas. This dynasty built the great wall
  3. c Cyclops who is defeated because of his pride
  4. d alliance created by Athens and other poleis after Persian wars to help Athens rebuild (each polis is required to contribute money and once in the league, Athens does not let them out) (headquarters on the island of delos)
  5. e wife of Creon who kills herself after her son kills himself next to Antigone

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  1. choose queastors and other positions and pass laws for the country
  2. indo-european people who conquered greek mainland and Minoans who were ruled by warrior kings with large fortresses
  3. lower class of farmers, merchants, etc. who were forbidden to marry patricians
  4. city-sate centered on the arts and theatre
  5. stoic emperor of Rome who faced inflation, invaders from the north, and east Rome disapproving of his rule

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  1. liu bangfather of Oedipus who was later killed by Oedipus (Laius cuts his chariot off and out of fury, Oedipus kills him)


  2. helenblind poet who wrote the illiad and the odyssey


  3. jocastamother and wife of Oedipus


  4. visigothof Antigone who does not rebel against Creon and is quiet and submissive, showing the ideal greek woman


  5. tyrannymay be legend, rule and laws were harsh, punishment usually death, allows anyone owning their own armor and weapons to have a vote, also passed a law that debtors would have to sell themselves into slavery to work off debt


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