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  1. cliesthenes
  2. ismene
  3. crassus
  4. antigone
  5. academy
  1. a involved in first triumvirate, financially supported Ceasar
  2. b created council of 500, 10 tribes
  3. c main character of play who buries her brother who is considered a traitor and put to death by Creon. Before she learns that she is free, she hangs herself.
  4. d school founded by plato open to men and women with the goal of training government officials
  5. e of Antigone who does not rebel against Creon and is quiet and submissive, showing the ideal greek woman

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  1. last ruler of the Xia dynasty who was a tyrant who killed or exiled those opposing him and supposedly influenced by his concubine, Mo Xi
  2. father of Oedipus who was later killed by Oedipus (Laius cuts his chariot off and out of fury, Oedipus kills him)
  3. plebians threatened to stop military service and grain production unless given more of a position in the government so they are slowly granted more and more concessions
  4. wife of Creon who kills herself after her son kills himself next to Antigone
  5. one owing another money, being in debt

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  1. five social relationshipsthe killing of every tenth person by lot (punishment for dissertion)


  2. the daoOne of the many wives of Shang emperor who was greatly favored since she had so much power. Her marriage was established to make clan ties, she controlled and army of 5000-13000 men, led men into battle at least 4 times and won, presided over sacrifices and divinations, owned land and ran it herself, and was buried with 16 slaves


  3. allegory of the cavestory in which people can only see what is in front of them, but when one of them is released and shown the truth he is blinded but then sees and when he returns and tries to tell the others, they laugh, but it is his duty to spread the truth


  4. Platooriginally Saul, god spoke to him and converted him to Christianity


  5. qin dyansty- illiterate peasant who overthrew Shi Huangdi, lowered taxes, and started the Han dynasty (previously a government worker who went into hiding and joined the resistance)


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