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  1. jesus
  2. aphrodite
  3. hera
  4. julius caesar
  5. the new dynasty
  1. a restores peace and appoints officials, redistributes land to peasants, repairs defensive walls, and builds infrastructure. After several generations, the dynasty begins to age
  2. b consul and later dictator for life, involved in first triumvirate, conquered Gaul and parts of Spain, allied with Cleopatra
  3. c wife of Zeus, one of the goddesses who thinks she's the fairest and offers to give Paris power
  4. d Jew from Nazareth (son of God) who founded Christianity
  5. e daughter of Zeus, goddess of love and beauty, chosen since she offered paris the love of Helen

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  1. student of Socrates who was credited with the philosophy of forms, founded the academy with the goal of training government officials, believed that the ideal leader was a philosopher king
  2. goddess of strife and discord, created golden apple since she was jealous that she did not get invited to the wedding
  3. blind poet who wrote the illiad and the odyssey
  4. play in which Oedipus (son of Laius and Jocasta) is sent away by his parents until he comes to Thebes to find his parents where the oracle's prophecy comes true
  5. philosophy in which harsh laws and government were the only way to contain bad-natured people since the nature of man was believed to be evil. Harsh punishments were given to anyone with ideas opposing the government and citizens were supposed to spy and report on each other. Legalism was used in the Qin dynasty to reunite the warring states and the philosophy was founded by Hanfeizi

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  1. dracomay be legend, rule and laws were harsh, punishment usually death, allows anyone owning their own armor and weapons to have a vote, also passed a law that debtors would have to sell themselves into slavery to work off debt


  2. five social relationshipsMinoan palace which was ran like a business in which it housed the royal family, artisans, and other merchants since the economy and government based on trade and the walls were covered in watercolor frescoes


  3. daoismfounder of confucianism, previously a teacher


  4. imperiumschool founded by Aristotle


  5. creteking of Thebes who does not let Antigone bury one of brothers (who he says was a traitor) and later sentences Antigone to death (he actually ends up letting Antigone go even though she hung herself because of the people's disapproval) and does not let his son Heamon marry Antigone which causes his son to kill himself which causes his wife to kill herself (in Oedipus Creon banishes Oedipus)


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