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  1. antigone
  2. aphrodite
  3. etruscans
  4. academy
  5. delphi
  1. a place or oracle
  2. b main character of play who buries her brother who is considered a traitor and put to death by Creon. Before she learns that she is free, she hangs herself.
  3. c school founded by plato open to men and women with the goal of training government officials
  4. d daughter of Zeus, goddess of love and beauty, chosen since she offered paris the love of Helen
  5. e civilization before Roman Republic, conquered by Romans, lived in the hills of Tuscany, use of metals, women held in higher regard, generally peaceful until the Lucretia conflict

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  1. twin brother of Romulus
  2. Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar, the three most powerful men at the time in alliance to increase power
  3. first pope and one of the 12 apostles
  4. second romanemperor who allows free speech, increases the treasury 20 times, limits the cost of food, and was forced by his stepfather to marry Julia after divorcing his pregnant wife
  5. a government in which a king or queen exercises central power

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  1. allegory of the cavethe divine right to rule, usually mandate of heaven is lost when gods are angry and mandate fades when there are natural disasters, poor economy, and invasion. When a new ruler takes over, that ruler has gained the mandate of heaven since he has been chosen by the gods (Zhou dynasty)


  2. solongets power from areopagus because of threats to revolt, ends debt and outlaws slavery for debt, lets every citizen become a member of the assembly and serve as jurors


  3. syllogismphilosophy founded by Laozi in which people were supposed to seek the way of the universe, or the Dao and believed that government was unnatural and problematic. The best government is one that governs the least. Since the way is different for everybody, one must yield like water and follow their own natural path and after a while erode and get their way. Man's nature was highly impressionable and did not need education since they already knew the natural way to live


  4. mandate of heavenhome to the island of Crete which was great for trading


  5. consulsfounder of confucianism, previously a teacher


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