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  1. filial piety
  2. debtor
  3. Aristotle
  4. athens
  5. laius
  1. a father of Oedipus who was later killed by Oedipus (Laius cuts his chariot off and out of fury, Oedipus kills him)
  2. b student of Socrates who was credited with the philosophy of forms, founded the academy with the goal of training government officials, believed that the ideal leader was a philosopher king
  3. c one owing another money, being in debt
  4. d city-sate centered on the arts and theatre
  5. e respect for parents (Confucius said this was to be a person's supreme duty)

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  1. restores peace and appoints officials, redistributes land to peasants, repairs defensive walls, and builds infrastructure. After several generations, the dynasty begins to age
  2. handsome mortal chosen to judge who is the fairest out of the goddesses
  3. Roman emperor who ended the persecution of Christians
  4. added new territory including Britain, public works projects, served as a judge but often fell asleep during trials
  5. place or oracle

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  1. peloponnesian leagueleague created by Sparta to counter the power of Athens


  2. Phillip IIking of Macedonia, when younger he was sent as a hostage to Thebes for three years to keep peace between Macedonia and Thebes where he learned about Greek society, politics, and military tactics and training, used the phalanx, sarissas, and a cavalry to create a strong army ,conquers the rest of Greece from victory at the Battle of Chearonea. To keep the Greeks loyal and involved, he establishes the League of Corinth (representatives from each Polis get final say in his decisions) and allows each polis to keep their land and rule themselves (did not even have to pay, but they were required to contribute soldiers) His dream was to conquer Persia and he got approval from the League of Corinth. At the end of his life, he reconciles with his son Alexander and was assassinated at his daughter's wedding


  3. bull leapingMinoan sport/ritual in which men would grab the bull horns to flip the bull over


  4. liu bangSpartan battle formation in which large shields are used to leave no penetrable areas and the spears are held by the front men


  5. syllogismused by Aristotle, two statements leading to an obvious truth.

    Example: Every Greek is a human. Every human is a mortal. Therefore, every human is a mortal.


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