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  1. zeus
  2. paul
  3. council of 500 created by cleisthenes
  4. qin dyansty
  5. patricians
  1. a supreme and most powerful god, originally chosen to judge who is the fairest but chooses Paris since Zeus can't win in that situation
  2. b Roman upper class who are descendants of the original 300 senators
  3. c united warring zhou states by imposing harsh laws and a legalist ruler, Shi Huangdi who harshly punished and made his people spy and report any opposing ideas. This dynasty built the great wall
  4. d new council created in which 50 reps. from each of the 10 tribes were chosen by lot to serve a 1 yr. term to make the laws
  5. e originally Saul, god spoke to him and converted him to Christianity

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  1. epic written by Homer in which Hector goes to fight Achilles against the will of his parents and ends up being killed because of his pride but predicts that Paris and Apollo will kill Achilles (more explanation on questions)
  2. ruler of Qin dynasty, leader of Qin state before he united china
  3. epic written by Homer in which Odysseus lands on the island of the Cyclopse and angers Polyphemus, the cyclopse he intrudes on and the pokes his eye out to escape and return home (more explanation on questions)
  4. civilization before Roman Republic, conquered by Romans, lived in the hills of Tuscany, use of metals, women held in higher regard, generally peaceful until the Lucretia conflict
  5. used by Aristotle, two statements leading to an obvious truth.

    Example: Every Greek is a human. Every human is a mortal. Therefore, every human is a mortal.

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  1. diocletianRoman emperor who ended the persecution of Christians


  2. jocastalong spears which could be used from farther away but took two hands to hold, used by Phillip II


  3. laiusJew from Nazareth (son of God) who founded Christianity


  4. romulustwin brother of Remus, ordered to be killed by Brutus, killed Remus and named the city after himself


  5. council of thirtycouncil of representatives from each polis that had final say in Phillip II's decisions


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