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  1. monopoly
  2. xia dynasty
  3. polis
  4. the odyssey
  5. tribes
  1. a 10 social and political groups in which Cleisthenes separated the Athenians
  2. b believed to be a legend since there are no written records of this period
  3. c Greek word for city, also a Greek city-state (after about 750 B.C.) which was built on two levels, the acropolis being the high hilltop which was were temples were built and the walled city was below
  4. d the complete control of a product or business by a single person or group, in this case, the Han government (Han China)
  5. e epic written by Homer in which Odysseus lands on the island of the Cyclopse and angers Polyphemus, the cyclopse he intrudes on and the pokes his eye out to escape and return home (more explanation on questions)

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  1. peaceful people on the island of Crete who based their economy on trading
  2. legendary Minoan king after which civilization was named
  3. council of representatives from each polis that had final say in Phillip II's decisions
  4. two forces of the universe kept in balance-yin representing earth, darkness, and female forces while yang represented heaven, light, and male forces (Shang china)
  5. student of Socrates who was credited with the philosophy of forms, founded the academy with the goal of training government officials, believed that the ideal leader was a philosopher king

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  1. first triumvirateCrassus, Pompey, and Caesar, the three most powerful men at the time in alliance to increase power


  2. expansionismphilosophy in which harsh laws and government were the only way to contain bad-natured people since the nature of man was believed to be evil. Harsh punishments were given to anyone with ideas opposing the government and citizens were supposed to spy and report on each other. Legalism was used in the Qin dynasty to reunite the warring states and the philosophy was founded by Hanfeizi


  3. senate300 appointed officials who are a council that make laws and serve for life


  4. hectorfights Achilles in the Illiad and loses, brother of Paris


  5. Phillip IIgreek warrior said to be invincible who kills hector in the Illiad since he is angry that his best friend was killed


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