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  1. belongingness needs
  2. loaded words
  3. deductive reasoning
  4. denotation
  5. jargon
  1. a direct dictionary meaning of a word
  2. b general statement to examples
  3. c wanting to have a friend
  4. d technical speech
  5. e words that evoke emotions
    ex: Fantastic! New! Gorgeous! Love!

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  1. difference between informative and persuasive speech
  2. type of speech from a region
  3. the idea that is being communicated
  4. "for" the proposition
  5. the consumer will join the ranks of the elite by using the product

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  1. bandwagonthis technique is effective with most of us who don't want to stand out. we want to belong.
    ex: Everyone's doing it!


  2. rhetorical questionends debate and a vote is taken


  3. motion to adjournends the meeting


  4. point of orderstanding tall


  5. quorumminimum number of people present to conduct business


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