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  1. sex appeal
  2. belongingness needs
  3. feedback
  4. verbal communication
  5. denotation
  1. a direct dictionary meaning of a word
  2. b uses language (spoken or written)
  3. c wanting to have a friend
  4. d the use of appearance, style or charm to sell a product
    ex: pretty girl in a car commercial
  5. e the response to a message

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  1. the physical, social, psychological and time elements in which communication takes place
  2. the person who has a message to communicate
  3. 5 steps in the motivated sequence
  4. who? what? where? when? why? how?
  5. tougher audience because they don't care

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  1. patriotismtechnical speech


  2. physiological needswanting to have a friend


  3. supportive audiencehardest audience to convince


  4. previous questionused to make the audience think- don't expect an answer back


  5. plain folks__________ is voted on last


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