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  1. denotation
  2. jargon
  3. motion to adjourn
  4. appeal to tradition and nostalgia
  5. movement
  1. a direct dictionary meaning of a word
  2. b technical speech
  3. c ends the meeting
  4. d walking
  5. e the manufacturer says to the consumer, "we have made the best product for over one hundred years." "Cookies like Grandma use to make."

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  1. tougher audience because they don't care
  2. neutral audience
  3. builds and argument
  4. who? what? where? when? why? how?
  5. reverse snob appeal. "Good ol' boys like us believe in plain, good quality items."

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  1. amendments__________ are voted on first


  2. connotationmeaning suggested by the word


  3. snob appealcommunication that does not use words


  4. main motion__________ is voted on last


  5. gesturesstanding tall


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