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  1. amendments
  2. negative
  3. affirmative
  4. physical and mental
  5. physiological needs
  1. a two barriers to listening
  2. b "for" the proposition
  3. c "against" the proposition
  4. d __________ are voted on first
  5. e needed to stay alive, food, water, etc.

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  1. anything that prevents effective communication
  2. this selling device depends on a spokesman, a television star, a well-known athlete, or a public figure to endorse the item. use of the product will make the consumer as wealthy, famous, talented, or beautiful as the spokesman.
  3. attacks the arguments of the other side
  4. an appeal that is based on feelings like fear or anger
  5. used to make the audience think- don't expect an answer back

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  1. indifferent audienceneutral audience


  2. bandwagontechnical speech


  3. opposed audiencehardest audience to convince


  4. eye contactlooking in the eyes of another person


  5. deductive reasoningexamples to general statement


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