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  1. gestures
  2. informative- gives information, examples, and facts about a subject
    persuasive- argues to change a belief or action and involves emotion
  3. opposed audience
  4. main motion
  5. deductive reasoning
  1. a general statement to examples
  2. b voted on last, the basic motion
  3. c difference between informative and persuasive speech
  4. d nodding for "yes"
  5. e hardest audience to convince

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  1. the person to whom the message is addressed to
  2. meaning suggested by the word
  3. uses language (spoken or written)
  4. sense of security
  5. the consumer will join the ranks of the elite by using the product

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  1. logicalan appeal that relies on facts and supporting material


  2. division of the houserising vote


  3. verbalany communication spoken or written that uses words


  4. messagethe idea that is being communicated


  5. Something for nothing, or more for lesswanting to have a friend


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