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  1. amend
  2. facial expression
  3. point of order
  4. main motion
  5. burden of proof
  1. a proof of need for a change
  2. b to change- to add or delete
  3. c smiling/frowning
  4. d question of parliamentary law
  5. e __________ is voted on last

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  1. sense of security
  2. the physical, social, psychological and time elements in which communication takes place
  3. "against" the proposition
  4. reverse snob appeal. "Good ol' boys like us believe in plain, good quality items."
  5. the consumer will join the ranks of the elite by using the product

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  1. eye contactlooking in the eyes of another person


  2. fearto change- to add or delete


  3. denotationtype of speech that involves changing a belief or action


  4. 50to change- to add or delete


  5. feedbackif the consumer does not use this product something bad will happen.
    ex: "Eat this cereal and it will prevent cancer."


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