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  1. physical and mental
  2. verbal
  3. self-esteem needs
  4. rhetorical question
  5. non-verbal
  1. a any communication spoken or written that uses words
  2. b two barriers to listening
  3. c communication that does not use words
  4. d used to make the audience think- don't expect an answer back
  5. e liking yourself

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  1. this gimmick suggests a product is of better quality than its higher priced competitions
  2. ends the meeting
  3. "against" the proposition
  4. this technique is effective with most of us who don't want to stand out. we want to belong.
    ex: Everyone's doing it!
  5. __________ is voted on last

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  1. eye contactlooking in the eyes of another person


  2. receiver"against" the proposition


  3. posturestanding tall


  4. senderif the consumer does not use this product something bad will happen.
    ex: "Eat this cereal and it will prevent cancer."


  5. informative- gives information, examples, and facts about a subject
    persuasive- argues to change a belief or action and involves emotion
    5 steps in the motivated sequence


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