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  1. verbal
  2. feedback
  3. denotation
  4. main motion
  5. sender-message(verbal, non-verbal)-receiver-sender-feedback with and interference(verbal, non-verbal)-receiver
  1. a the response to a message
  2. b any communication spoken or written that uses words
  3. c communication process
  4. d direct dictionary meaning of a word
  5. e __________ is voted on last

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. type of speech from a region
  2. the person who has a message to communicate
  3. tougher audience because they don't care
  4. general statement to examples
  5. sense of security

5 True/False Questions

  1. self-esteem needssense of security


  2. self-actualizationdirect dictionary meaning of a word


  3. non-verbal communicationdoes not use language (spoken or written)


  4. motion to adjourn__________ is voted on last


  5. Something for nothing, or more for lessthis gimmick suggests a product is of better quality than its higher priced competitions


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