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  1. Gallipoli
  2. Georges Clemenceau
  3. Black Hand
  4. League of Nations
  5. Cause of stalemate on the Western front
  1. a France's representative, he wanted to see Germany crushed, and wanted all of Germany to crumble due to what they had done during WWI.
  2. b a league where the nations of Europe, their colonies, etc. meet to discuss problems between their country, and overall to keep peace in Europe.
  3. c a unofficial secret Serbian military group that was opposed to Austria-Hungary. Nationalism played a part in creating this group due to their "patriotism."
  4. d trench warfare and the advancement of technology
  5. e a brit and french offensive against the ottoman empire on the Gallipoli peninsula. The offensive was designed to capture the Ottoman capital, Constantinople, however it failed and ended up causing high casualties on both sides.

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  1. a city in Meuse in north-eastern france....where the battle of Verdun took place.
  2. the doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other
  3. assassinated Franz. He was a member of the black hand and did not like the Austro-Hungarians coming into his country.He was 19 at the time. Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for Franz's death and this kicked off WWI.
  4. He was the Italian representative at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. He pushed for a revenge-based treaty at Versailles, hampering the 14 points.
  5. a treaty created to end the war (after the armistice). It includes parts of the 14 points, and generally is made to make Germany pay war reparations, say the war was their fault, and overall limit the Entente. Austro-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire are split up.

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  1. Armenian Genocidebasically the holocaust of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire. Approx. 1.5 mil to 2 mil Armenians were exterminated during the Genocide. Took place during the beginning of WW1.


  2. Arch-Duke Franz FerdinandGermany's military plan at the outbreak of World War I, according to which German troops would rapidly defeat France and then move east to attack Russia.


  3. Marnea city in Meuse in north-eastern france....where the battle of Verdun took place.


  4. Imperialisma strong buildup of the military.


  5. Alsace-Lorraineits significance is it is a piece of land between France and Germany that has been fought over for a very long time. it has kept switching between German and French control.


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