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  1. Militarism
  2. Total War
  3. League of Nations
  4. Kaiser Wilhelm
  5. New Economic Policy
  1. a Economy set down by Lenin. It proposed that small shops, such as smoke shops, restaurants, etc. could stay in business with private owner, but large industries and bankswould be controlled by the state...this economic policy also had a very high tax on certain individuals such as farmers.
  2. b a strong buildup of the military.
  3. c Was the leader of Germany and Prussia at the time of WWI. He often made decisions on his own and allowed his generals to make decisions. He felt threatened by France after asking them not to attack. Due to being threatened he then joined the war, and when Germany lost he was exiled.
  4. d a league where the nations of Europe, their colonies, etc. meet to discuss problems between their country, and overall to keep peace in Europe.
  5. e where all of the country is invested in warfare...its economy, politics, citizens on the home front, food, general supplies, any company, and whatever a country can produce goes towards war.

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  1. submarine
  2. was a major political power before and during the Russian Revolution. He was the second prime minister of the Russian Provisional government until Lenin was elected.
  3. A technology that was created in WWI. It suffocated those who breathed it. Very deadly and caused mass death throughout Europe. Originally used by the Germans.
  4. Enlgand's representative. Publicly he wanted Germany destroyed for what they had done in the war, but privately he did not want to completely strip Germany of all of its power due to his fear of the spread of communism. He felt that Germany should still be strong enough to be able to resist the spread of communism from Russia.
  5. usually a buildup of naval forces to block, ships, troops, supplies, etc. from moving on the sea.

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  1. Georges ClemenceauFrance's representative, he wanted to see Germany crushed, and wanted all of Germany to crumble due to what they had done during WWI.


  2. Battle of Marnea battle on Marne river (there are two battles.) It is best known as the battle between France and Russia that was a large stalemate.


  3. Leon Trotskyis one of the leaders of the revolution. He is more idealistic. He finds the perfection in things and appeals more to the people due to this.


  4. Trench FootMartov, who was in league with Lenin had a dispute with lenin, and due to that formed the Mensheviks who became a minority, and broke off from the Bolsheviks.


  5. ImperialismA policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries poitically, socially, and economically.


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