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  1. What is learning hooked on?
  2. Name all 6 stages of Blooms taxonomy?
  3. Manipulate
  4. Primary colors?
  5. Examples of cognitive development?
  1. a sorting,counting,identifying #, rhyming, and the alphabet.
  2. b Emotion
  3. c red,blue,yellow.
  4. d exploring the envioment with senses.
  5. e 1.knowledge 2.comprehension 3. anyalze 4. application 5. synthesis 6. evaluate

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  1. 1 to 1 correspondence, matching and sorting,time, and math.
  2. "You used a purple crayon!"
  3. it has a beg. middle. and end; force observation; and introduces new materials.
  4. patterns, and graphing.
  5. development of feelings.

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  1. CortisolChild Observation Record


  2. Phonemic Awarenesseach letter has a specific sound.


  3. CORunderstanding what is happening.


  4. Cephalacaudeldevelopment from the head down.


  5. Why do we observe?a purposed idea reaserched and generally accepted as a explanation.


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