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  1. Practice makes...
  2. Discipline
  3. Skills for reading...
  4. Piaget said...
  5. 2 developmental areas that should never be seperated?
  1. a Permiment!
  2. b phonological awarness, alphabetic principle, phonemic awarness, and concept of print.
  3. c intellecutal & emotional
  4. d children are not little adults, construct on knoweldge.
  5. e to teach self control.

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  1. to see developmental milestoons, plan, and conflict.
  2. thinking only of yourself.
  3. each letter has a specific sound.
  4. children then cannot be creative, and they feel their project has to look better or just like yours.
  5. Emotion

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  1. Professionalismgood apperence.


  2. Name all 6 stages of Blooms taxonomy?the higharchy of needs.


  3. Creativity:builds self esteem,uses problem solving, and intrinsic motivation.


  4. Ratio of children to adults.1:4


  5. Scaffoldingadult support.


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