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  1. Blocks:
  2. ex: of a discriptive statment
  3. Why shold you not show children a modle?
  4. Intrinsic Motivation
  5. Piaget said...
  1. a problem solving, weight, balance, building.
  2. b "You used a purple crayon!"
  3. c children then cannot be creative, and they feel their project has to look better or just like yours.
  4. d children are not little adults, construct on knoweldge.
  5. e motivation from the inside.

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  1. it has a beg. middle. and end; force observation; and introduces new materials.
  2. a question that cannot be answered with a yes or no.
  3. Emotion
  4. 2:breaths - 30:compressions.
  5. beats, movement, and singing.

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  1. Manipulateto teach self control.


  2. Intellectual Developmentthe development of the brain.


  3. Transitionsequence of biological changes in a child.


  4. Creativity:builds self esteem,uses problem solving, and intrinsic motivation.


  5. Egocentricthinking only of yourself.


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