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  1. Classification
  2. Small Motor
  3. COR
  4. Proximodistal
  5. Ratio of children to adults.
  1. a using the small muscles in your body.
  2. b 1:10
  3. c middle of your body outward.
  4. d putting like objects into groups.
  5. e Child Observation Record

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  1. the envioment, routine, planned day, planned, and materials.
  2. intellecutal & emotional
  3. 1: what will the children learn? and Why am i doing this?
  4. adult support.
  5. Emotion

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  1. Direct Guidancesituations where you directly interact with children


  2. Sense of Audiencebehavoir problems that can be fixed before the children arrive.


  3. Social Developmentdevelopment of the muscles.


  4. Cognitiveunderstanding what is happening.


  5. Indirect Guidenceknowing how to act in given situations.


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