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  1. brocas area
  2. person in coma score
  3. Organs of LUQ
  4. achilles
  5. quadriceps "knee jerk"
  1. a 7 or less
  2. b stomach, left lobe of liver, spleen, body of the pancreas, part of L kidney and adrenal, part of transverse and descending colon, splenic flexure of colon
  3. c L5 to S2
  4. d motor speech
  5. e L2 to L4

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  1. increased resistance
  2. red
  3. symphysis pubis
  4. distorted articulation
  5. ligaments

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  1. spinothalamic tractconnects brain and spinal nerves, controls reflexes


  2. three areas the Glasgow coma scale assesscale used to score assess LOC


  3. frontal lobeconnects brain and spinal nerves, controls reflexes


  4. lordosisprego


  5. extinctionesophageal emptying is delayed


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