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  1. planter reflex
  2. dysphasia
  3. genu valgum
  4. lower boundary of abdomen
  5. upper boundary of abdomen
  1. a knock knees (in)
  2. b L4 to S2
    stroke a J on the soul of the foot Looking for inversion/flexion of the forefoot and planter flexion of toes
  3. c xiphoid process
  4. d symphysis pubis
  5. e difficulty in speaking

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  1. distorted articulation
  2. auditory
  3. fluid filled sacs surrounding ligaments
  4. gastrointesophegael reflux (acid reflux)
  5. touch and withdraw

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  1. Glasgow coma scale7 or less


  2. lordosisprego


  3. diabetes can causeslower gastric motility


  4. bicepsC7 to C8


  5. person in coma score7 or less


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