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  1. crepitus
  2. organs of RLQ
  3. occipitcal
  4. GERD
  5. large veins could indicate
  1. a gastrointesophegael reflux (acid reflux)
  2. b crackling or rattling sounds
  3. c cecum, appendix, right ovary and fallopian tube, right spermatic cord, right ureter
  4. d visual
  5. e portal hypertension

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  1. C5 to C6
  2. red
  3. fluid filled sacs surrounding ligaments
  4. decreased resistance
  5. the earliest change of neurological status

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  1. subluxinationtouch both sides of body at the same time


  2. parietelsensation


  3. extinctionesophageal emptying is delayed


  4. person in coma score7 or less


  5. Glasgow coma scalescale used to score assess LOC


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