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  1. crepitus
  2. stereogenosis
  3. posterior column tract
  4. planter reflex
  5. biceps
  1. a detect position, vibration and fine touch
    (tuning fork, test toes and fingers, use bony surface)
  2. b crackling or rattling sounds
  3. c recognize objects by feeling
  4. d C5 to C6
  5. e L4 to S2
    stroke a J on the soul of the foot Looking for inversion/flexion of the forefoot and planter flexion of toes

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  1. stretch marks
  2. C5 to C6
  3. note stimulus needed to arouse pt
  4. gastrointesophegael reflux (acid reflux)
  5. difficulty in speaking

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  1. organs of LLQsigmoid colon, part of descending colon, left ovary and fallopian tube, left spermatic cord, left ureter


  2. Organs of RUQright lobe of liver, gallbladder, duodemun, part of R kidney and adrenal gland, part of transverse and ascending colon, hepatic flexure of the colon, head of the pancreas


  3. erythemaunsteady/uncoordinated movement/gain


  4. brain stemmotor speech


  5. dysarthriadifficulty in speaking


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