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  1. brain stem
  2. crepitus
  3. diabetes can cause
  4. triceps
  5. extinction
  1. a C7 to C8
  2. b touch both sides of body at the same time
  3. c central core of brain ( contains vital autonomic centers)
  4. d slower gastric motility
  5. e crackling or rattling sounds

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  1. detect position, vibration and fine touch
    (tuning fork, test toes and fingers, use bony surface)
  2. xiphoid process
  3. cecum, appendix, right ovary and fallopian tube, right spermatic cord, right ureter
  4. connects brain and spinal nerves, controls reflexes
  5. L2 to L4

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  1. stereogenosisrecognize objects by feeling


  2. bicepsfluid filled sacs surrounding ligaments


  3. ataxiamuscles


  4. wernicks arealanguage comprehension


  5. sprainmuscles


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