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  1. evicted
  2. rampant
  3. tenement
  4. Narrator
  5. flashback
  1. a the story line stops to go back to an event or scene that occurred before the opening of a story
  2. b spreading rapidly
  3. c to be kicked out
  4. d run down rental property
  5. e the person who is telling a stroy from his point of view.

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  1. big statue, original person
  2. words, phrases or images are repeated in a poem or story to call a reader's attention to them
  3. repetition of similar or identical sounds in the end stressed syllables of words, "mark/shark"
  4. occurs when the audience knows important facts that the characters don't know.
  5. a concrete object that represents an idea
    water = life, sun = hope, flag=country

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  1. denselyrun down rental property


  2. ironythe difference between appearance and reality


  3. Why is Nathalia Gumpertz honored in the tenement museum?learns, grows or changes during the course of a story


  4. autobiographythe difference between appearance and reality


  5. residentsrun down rental property


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