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  1. Why is Nathalia Gumpertz honored in the tenement museum?
  2. Why were the Jews represented by the Star of David on the graphic about immigrant nsettlemennts instead of their country's flag?
  3. Narrator
  4. evicted
  5. repetitition
  1. a the person who is telling a stroy from his point of view.
  2. b Nathalia was successful in making it out of the tenements.
  3. c They had no flag because they had no country.
  4. d to be kicked out
  5. e words, phrases or images are repeated in a poem or story to call a reader's attention to them

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  1. gives human qualities to an animal or an object
  2. a comparison using 'like' or 'as'; "She ran like a deer."
  3. run down rental property
  4. the difference between appearance and reality
  5. crowded, packed close together

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  1. verbal ironyoccurs when words suggest a meaning opposite to the one stated


  2. symbola concrete object that represents an idea
    water = life, sun = hope, flag=country


  3. themethe main idea behind a story, the message the author is trying to communicate to the reader


  4. flashbackthe story line stops to go back to an event or scene that occurred before the opening of a story


  5. alliterationseveral words in a line with the same first letter. It is used for effect.


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