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  1. The most destructive air raids during the Vietnam War
  2. First Russian satellite
  3. Fall of China and the Korean War
  4. Selma March
  5. Pentagon Papers
  1. a These events caused Truman to help France in Vietnam
  2. b Campaign for voting rights of African Americans
  3. c What were the Christmas Bombings?
  4. d What was Sputnik?
  5. e Revealed the government was not honest about Vietnam

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  1. Name given to the gathering of 200,000 people in Washington D.C to watch Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his "I have a Dream" speech
  2. What was the Tet Offensive?
  3. An extended meeting held to discuss a social or political issue
  4. Make segregation illegal in most places
  5. Night of anti-Jewish violence

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  1. IsolationismIdea that a country should focus on its own problems and avoid international commitments


  2. DiscriminationSouth Vietnam monks set themselves on fire as a protest against this


  3. Leader of South Vietnam during the Vietnam WarWho was Ngo Dihn Diem?


  4. V-J DayThe day the Japanese ordered its government to surrender


  5. Rosie the RiveterWas a symbol in the campaign to hire women worker in factories during the war


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