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  1. Domino Theory
  2. Diplomat on FDR's administration convicted of perjury
  3. Philippines
  4. Antisocial or criminal behavior of young people
  5. Those who wanted the U.S. to withdraw from Vietnam
  1. a The belief that if one nation in Asia fell to communist, neighboring countries would follow
  2. b The Bataan Death march occurred here
  3. c Define Juvenile Delinquency.
  4. d Define Doves.
  5. e Who was Alger Hiss?

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  1. Leader of Italy during WWII
  2. What was the Generation Gap?
  3. Ended segregation in public schools
  4. Giving into Hitlers demands was a policy know as this
  5. Define Medicaid.

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  1. Leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam WarWho was Ngo Dihn Diem?


  2. Health care program for senior citizensDefine Medicare.


  3. D-DayName given for the invasion of Nazi occupied France by the allied forces


  4. Truman DoctrinePresident Johnson's vision of a more perfect and equitable society the US could and should become called this


  5. First Russian satelliteWhat was Sputnik?


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