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  1. Selma March
  2. The largest public works project in American History
  3. Nikita Khrushchev
  4. Rosie the Riveter
  5. Financed health care for welfare recipients
  1. a Define Medicaid.
  2. b Was a symbol in the campaign to hire women worker in factories during the war
  3. c Campaign for voting rights of African Americans
  4. d Emerged as a leader of the Soviet Union three years after Stalin died
  5. e What was the Federal Highway Act?

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  1. During the 1960's election campaign television first aired this
  2. Used large number of tanks and aircraft to attack quickly
  3. Night of anti-Jewish violence
  4. Leader of Italy during WWII
  5. Where the Geneva Accords divided Vietnam

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  1. Space Capsule that carried American Astronauts to the moonDuring the space race Kennedy's goal for America was to be the first to do this


  2. Leader of South Vietnam during the Vietnam WarWho was Ngo Dihn Diem?


  3. AustriaThis organization was formed with the purpose of mutual defense


  4. AryansThese individuals were not executed by the Nazi Party


  5. Protected voters from discriminatory practicesWhat was the voting Rights Act of 1965?


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