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Spring History Final Test

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  1. Red Scare
  2. War Powers Act
  3. Ho Chi Minh
  4. Discrimination
  5. Manhattan Project
  1. a Reestablished limits on executive power
  2. b The leader of North Vietnam
  3. c Fear communists were trying to take over the world
  4. d South Vietnam monks set themselves on fire as a protest against this
  5. e The secret American project to build an atomic bomb

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  1. Kennedy's legislative agenda was called this
  2. President Johnson's vision of a more perfect and equitable society the US could and should become called this
  3. A group that travels with something, such as a ship to protect it.
  4. Members of the Fascist milita that backed Mussolini
  5. Student who was denied admission to her neighborhood school

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  1. Fall of China and the Korean WarDuring the space race Kennedy's goal for America was to be the first to do this


  2. Selma MarchFired for publicly criticizing the president


  3. MacArthurLeader of Germany during WWII


  4. Soviet Union and USControlled Korea during the Korean War


  5. ChinaUnited Nations troops in Korea were driven back to the 38th parallel by this country


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