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  1. Mussolini
  2. Leader of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War
  3. D-Day
  4. Discrimination
  5. A guerilla army organized by Ho Chi Minh to reunify his nation
  1. a Who was Ngo Dihn Diem?
  2. b Name given for the invasion of Nazi occupied France by the allied forces
  3. c South Vietnam monks set themselves on fire as a protest against this
  4. d Leader of Italy during WWII
  5. e What were the Vietcong?

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  1. President Johnson's vision of a more perfect and equitable society the US could and should become called this
  2. What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail?
  3. Used large number of tanks and aircraft to attack quickly
  4. Define Iron Curtain
  5. After WWII Germany was divided into 4 zones, this country did not control a zone

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  1. Sullivan'sThe 5 brothers that were killed on the USS Juneau


  2. Convoy SystemA group that travels with something, such as a ship to protect it.


  3. ChinaHenry Kissingger tried to improve relations with the Soviet Union and China to cut back on aid to Vietnam's using this method


  4. Authorized the President to take all the necessary measures to defend U.S. soldiersWhat was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?


  5. Manhattan ProjectRevealed the government was not honest about Vietnam


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