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  1. Teach in
  2. Those who wanted the U.S. to withdraw from Vietnam
  3. Kristallnacht
  4. The gradual withdrawal of American Troops from Vietnam
  5. Sullivan's
  1. a The 5 brothers that were killed on the USS Juneau
  2. b Define Doves.
  3. c An extended meeting held to discuss a social or political issue
  4. d Define Vietnamization.
  5. e Night of anti-Jewish violence

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  1. This plans purpose was to help Western Europe
  2. What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?
  3. What were the Christmas Bombings?
  4. Kennedy's legislative agenda was called this
  5. Where the British had the advantage of new technology (Radar)

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  1. Convoy SystemDuring WWII the army enlisted women for the 1st time but they were barred from this


  2. Turning point in the war that stopped the Japanese advanceWhat was the Battle of Midway?


  3. ManchuriaCountry Japanese invaded to get resources


  4. IsolationismIdea that a country should focus on its own problems and avoid international commitments


  5. KamikazeHenry Kissingger tried to improve relations with the Soviet Union and China to cut back on aid to Vietnam's using this method


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