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  1. Distinguishing feature of Jonah
  2. Key truth developed in II Timothy
  3. theme of Daniel
  4. Isaiah
  5. Distinguishing feature of Nahum
  1. a Sent to preach judgment on Nineveh, capital of Israel's enemy, Assyria
  2. b book filled with brilliant imagery
  3. c God's sovereignty and care of His church while living among the raging nations.
  4. d Jehovah's Vengeance and Goodness revealed in Nineveh's overthrow.
  5. e The pastor - importance of sound doctrine in the church

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  1. took a wife of whoredoms as a picture of how God has chosen Israel/the Church as His wife
  2. Speaks of a severe plague of locusts and a severe drought
  3. a dirge (funeral song) for Jerusalem's fall.
  4. Folly of going back to OT pictures - True gospel of justification by faith, not justification by obeying laws
  5. Justice - Salvation is by sovereign grace alone; obedience of the law can not make us righteous before God.

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  1. Key truth developed in I CorinthiansParty-strife - authority of apostles


  2. Distinguishing feature of MicahSent to preach judgment on Nineveh, capital of Israel's enemy, Assyria


  3. Key truth developed in I ThessaloniansPatient sober waiting - Things that must happen before the second coming of Christ


  4. Theme of JeremiahJudah's approaching downfall: a divine judgment


  5. Distinguishing feature of ZechariahSpeaks of "The day of the Lord," "The great day of the Lord," & "The day of the Lord's wrath."


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