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  1. Distinguishing feature of Nahum
  2. Distinguishing feature of Hosea
  3. Key truth developed in I Thessalonians
  4. Theme of Lamentations
  5. Key truth developed in II Thessalonians
  1. a Patient sober waiting - Things that must happen before the second coming of Christ
  2. b took a wife of whoredoms as a picture of how God has chosen Israel/the Church as His wife
  3. c a dirge (funeral song) for Jerusalem's fall.
  4. d Hope in persecution - future hope of the coming again of Christ
  5. e Jehovah's Vengeance and Goodness revealed in Nineveh's overthrow.

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  1. Judgment on Edom (decedents of Esau) for their cruel treatment of Israel their brother
  2. The pastor - public worship and proper organization of the church.
  3. "Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob, And I hated Esau"
  4. Rebuked the people for not rebuilding the temple.
  5. Justice - Salvation is by sovereign grace alone; obedience of the law can not make us righteous before God.

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  1. Key truth developed in II TimothyThe pastor - importance of sound doctrine in the church


  2. Distinguishing feature of MicahSent to preach judgment on Nineveh, capital of Israel's enemy, Assyria


  3. Distinguishing feature of JoelSpeaks of a severe plague of locusts and a severe drought


  4. Theme of IsaiahSalvation is of Jehovah


  5. Theme of EzekielGod's sovereignty and care of His church while living among the raging nations.


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