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  1. Parsimony
  2. Scrupulous
  3. Exhaustive
  4. Propriety
  5. Apocryphal
  1. a Proper and appropriate behavior
  2. b A doubtful origin, counterfeit
  3. c Very careful, conscientious, moral
  4. d Unusual or excessive frugality, stinginess
  5. e Thorough, comprehensive, complete

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  1. Remorseful or apologetic
  2. Being despite slight evidence
  3. Stubborn, opposing ones will
  4. Capable of walking or moving about
  5. Not relevant or necessary, unimportant

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  1. StoicUsing few words, terse


  2. VehementDeliberately conspicuous or shocking


  3. ExemplifyTo illustrate by or serve as an example


  4. FlagrantUsing few words, terse


  5. RespiteBriefness or concise expression


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