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  1. Virtuoso
  2. Extraneous
  3. Parsimony
  4. Incongruous
  5. Laconic
  1. a Not relevant or necessary, unimportant
  2. b One masterly accomplished in any field
  3. c Inconsistent, incomparable
  4. d Unusual or excessive frugality, stinginess
  5. e Using few words, terse

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  1. Very careful, conscientious, moral
  2. A halt or delay, relief from something disagreeable
  3. Rigorous or sever standards, strict
  4. Persistent or stubborn
  5. Urgent, forceful, intense

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  1. AmbivalentCapable of walking or moving about


  2. ApprehensiveThorough, comprehensive, complete


  3. PivotalStubborn, opposing ones will


  4. ContriteA halt or delay, relief from something disagreeable


  5. StoicUsing few words, terse


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