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  1. Credulous
  2. Flagrant
  3. Fortuitous
  4. Apocryphal
  5. Inadvertent
  1. a Deliberately conspicuous or shocking
  2. b Being despite slight evidence
  3. c A doubtful origin, counterfeit
  4. d Accidental, by chance
  5. e Careless of unintentional

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  1. Briefness or concise expression
  2. Persistent or stubborn
  3. Unusual or excessive frugality, stinginess
  4. A halt or delay, relief from something disagreeable
  5. Rigorous or sever standards, strict

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  1. ExemplifyTo illustrate by or serve as an example


  2. ExtraneousPersistent or stubborn


  3. IncongruousInconsistent, incomparable


  4. StoicIndifferent to, or unaffected by pleasure or pain


  5. LaconicIndifferent to, or unaffected by pleasure or pain


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