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  1. All of the people that are available for work.
  2. the middle layer of Earth that lies between the core and the lithosphere
  3. the inner most part of Earth, made of solid iron and surrounded by a layer of iron
  4. the number of deaths a year for every 1000 people
  5. The hard outer layer of Earth
  1. a Mantle
  2. b Workforce
  3. c Death Rate
  4. d Crust
  5. e core

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  1. Standard of Living
  2. Doubling Time
  3. Reservoir
  4. Extended Family
  5. River Basin

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  1. the number of old and young people who don't work compared with the working age populationDependency Ratio


  2. The use of technology to move and process informationCommute time


  3. a system that allows for the year round watering of cropsPerennial Irrigation


  4. pollution that starts in one country and goes to other countriesRain Shadow


  5. The flat area around a river that is cover with sediment as a result of frequent floodingFloodplain


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