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  1. the moving of water from Earth's surface into the soil
  2. Purchasing and using up of goods and services by consumers
  3. All of the people that are available for work.
  4. A system in which one country rules another area as a colony. The ruling country controls trade with its colony for it's own benefit.
  5. a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply
  1. a Infiltration
  2. b Reservoir
  3. c Colonialism
  4. d Consumption
  5. e Workforce

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  1. Psysiologic Population Density
  2. Desertification
  3. Replacement Rate
  4. Shari'a
  5. Rain Shadow

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  1. the number of deaths a year for every 1000 peopleBirth Rate


  2. The release of harmful substances into the environment as a result of everyday activitiesGeneral Pollution


  3. A mountain that is created by a folding of Earth's crustFold Mountain


  4. a tax on goods l\that cross country bordersTariff


  5. The process by which a liquid, such as water, turns into a vapor or gasArithmetic Population Density


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