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  1. average age that a person in a given population can expect to live
  2. a group of countries that work together to promote trade with one another
  3. the junction of two rivers
  4. A mountain that is created by a folding of Earth's crust
  5. the process by which land becomes more and more dry until it turns into desert. Climate change, human activities, or both may cause this.
  1. a Life Expectancy
  2. b Confluence
  3. c Fold Mountain
  4. d Trade Bloc
  5. e Desertification

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  1. Non-Renewable Resource
  2. Crude Oil
  3. Perennial Irrigation
  4. Marginal Land
  5. Total Fertility Rate

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  1. the number of deaths a year for every 1000 peopleDeath Rate


  2. - Molten or liquid rock that lies beneath the earths crustDownwind


  3. All of the people that are available for work.Downwind


  4. A seasonal windMonsoon


  5. The population of a country divided by its arable land areaCommute time


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