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  1. The weight of the atmosphere pressing down on any point of the earths surface
  2. A system in which one country rules another area as a colony. The ruling country controls trade with its colony for it's own benefit.
  3. The use of technology to move and process information
  4. the inner most part of Earth, made of solid iron and surrounded by a layer of iron
  5. gravel-covered plains
  1. a Colonialism
  2. b Regs
  3. c Atmospheric Pressure
  4. d core
  5. e Information Technology

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  1. Standard of Living
  2. Outsource
  3. Life Expectancy
  4. Magma
  5. Arable Land

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  1. the number of deaths a year for every 1000 peopleDeath Rate


  2. Traditional Islamic LawRegs


  3. petroleum as it comes out of the ground and before it has be refined or processed into useful productsTransboundery Pollution


  4. the middle layer of Earth that lies between the core and the lithosphereMantle


  5. The amount of time traveling to and from workBrain Drain


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