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  1. The length of time it takes for a population to double
  2. Exchange of goods and services without government control.
  3. a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply
  4. A variety of people from different ethnic groups.
  5. the forces that divide people and countries
  1. a Reservoir
  2. b Ethnic Diversity
  3. c Centrifugal Forces
  4. d Doubling Time
  5. e Informal Economy

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  1. Centripetal Forces
  2. Commute time
  3. Confluence
  4. Aparthied
  5. Zero Population Growth

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  1. the number of old and young people who don't work compared with the working age populationDependency Ratio


  2. All of the people that are available for work.Linguistic Groups


  3. Purchasing and using up of goods and services by consumersNuclear Family


  4. - in the direction that the wind is blowingIlliterate


  5. petroleum as it comes out of the ground and before it has be refined or processed into useful productsInformation Technology


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