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  1. A family made up of parents and their children.
  2. a resource that takes so long to form that it can't be replaced. Oil, which takes millions of years to form, is such a resource.
  3. Traditional Islamic Law
  4. the number of births a year for every 1000 people
  5. a triangular tract of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river, typically where it diverges into several outlets
  1. a Birth Rate
  2. b Delta
  3. c Non-Renewable Resource
  4. d Nuclear Family
  5. e Shari'a

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  1. Ethnic Diversity
  2. Floodplain
  3. Perennial Irrigation
  4. Orographic Effect
  5. Standard of Living

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  1. Unable to read and writeErgs


  2. To hire someone outside of a country to do work that was once done inside the companyOutsource


  3. The stream or streams that make up the beginnings of a riverHeadwaters


  4. land that is not well suited for growing cropsArable Land


  5. The length of time it takes for a population to doubleRate of Natural Increase


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