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Biology final exam Test

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  1. cephalopods
  2. radula
  3. Polyp
  4. asexual reproduction
  5. nurse young
  1. a -head-footed mollusks
    -all are marine
    -includes squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and chambered nautilus
    -like bivalves, have siphons that expel water--jet propulsion
    -have tentacles for capturing prey, beak-like jaws, radula
  2. b mammary glands; secrete milk which is rich in fats, sugars, protein, and vitamin
  3. c tube-shaped body and a mouth surrounded by tentacles.
    -only stage in hydras, corals (always colonial), and anemones (singular)
  4. d tongue-like organ with rows of teeth that is used to drill, scrape, grate or cut food
    (ex) snails, octopuses
  5. e -may occur in either polyp or medusa stage
    -polyps reproduce asexually in a process known as budding

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. -box jellies
    -have eyes
    -deadliest stinging organism on Earth= Sea Wasp
  2. -may be predators, grazers, or filter feeders
    -bivalves, such as clams, do not have radulas; they are filter feeders
  3. -a thin membrane surrounding the internal organs that secretes the shell
  4. -covered with sharp spines for defense
    -catches insects with a long, sticky tongue
  5. -most mollusks have gills-rich supply of blood/exchange of gases; land snails and slugs have primitive lungs

5 True/False Questions

  1. gastrovascular activity-may occur in either polyp or medusa stage
    -polyps reproduce asexually in a process known as budding


  2. coralsa fluid-filled body cavity


  3. nervous systemnephridia- organs that remove metabolic wastes


  4. Hydrozoa-the jellyfishes
    -medusa stage is dominant
    -have muscle-like cells in outer cell layer that contract, propelling animal in water
    -occur everywhere, from tropical waters to the Arctic


  5. gestation-the time during which placental mammals develop inside uterus
    - mice 21 days, rhino 19 months, human 38 weeks


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