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  1. Fichte
  2. Aasen
  3. Karlstad Conventions
  4. Oehlenschlager
  5. Treaty of Vienna
  1. a dissolved union between Sweden and Norway
  2. b poet of Danish identity (danish poetry in danish), playwright
  3. c took Slesvig and Holstein away from Denmark and gave them to Austria and Prussia
  4. d German nationalist, founding figure of german philosophy
  5. e collected Norwegian dialect info and published a grammar based on his research (nynorsk today)

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  1. catalyst, formed coalition government--> became prime minister. Strongly linked to dissolution of union between Norway and Sweden. First prime minister after dissolution.
  2. Prime minister Zahle of denmark, Christian X forced Zahle out of office and left Denmark without gov't, everyone was pissed at him
  3. Danish lawyer and politician; prime minister of Denmark 1909-1910
  4. advocated "Norwegianization" of Danish (bokmal)
  5. northern Norwegian port. Exploited by Sweden and England

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  1. Grundtvigfirst socialist goverment prime minister of Sweden who argued for reform, and regulated consumption of alcohol through taxing and monopoly instead of prohibition


  2. Weserubungwas the first social democratic Prime Minister of Denmark


  3. Marcus ThraneGlucksvurg, King of Denmark during both world wars, forced Zahle


  4. Christian XGlucksvurg, King of Denmark during both world wars, forced Zahle


  5. SelmerNorwegian political leader, popularized politics, member of the Norwegian Parliament, support of the farmers


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