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  1. Fichte
  2. Nansen
  3. Nasjonal Samling
  4. Knud Knudsen
  5. Selmer
  1. a Norwegian Nazi Party
  2. b Norwegian explorer, scientist, helped with postwar efforts, League of Nations
  3. c German nationalist, founding figure of german philosophy
  4. d advocated "Norwegianization" of Danish (bokmal)
  5. e Norwegian prime minister, was impeached. Succeeded by Sverdrup

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  1. northern Norwegian port. Exploited by Sweden and England
  2. gave Holstein and Slesvig back to Denmark
  3. took Slesvig and Holstein away from Denmark and gave them to Austria and Prussia
  4. a labor agitator who tried to get the working class to assert themselves and was not well received in Stockholm
  5. writers of the Socialist Revolution

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  1. SverdrupNorwegian prime minister, was impeached. Succeeded by Sverdrup


  2. Oehlenschlagerpoet of Danish identity (danish poetry in danish), playwright


  3. Brantingwas the first social democratic Prime Minister of Denmark


  4. Gustav Vthe last swedish king to intervene with swedish politics, was evicted from his political role, remains that way in Sweden today


  5. Edvard Munchfirst Norwegian prime minister after introduction of parliamentarism


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