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  1. The Telegram Crisis
  2. von Herder
  3. Christian Michelsen
  4. Edvard Munch
  5. Oehlenschlager
  1. a German philosopher, theologian, poet
  2. b catalyst, formed coalition government--> became prime minister. Strongly linked to dissolution of union between Norway and Sweden. First prime minister after dissolution.
  3. c poet of Danish identity (danish poetry in danish), playwright
  4. d artist, we looked at how lots of his art depicted a "safe" middle class but a dangerous world for low-class citizens (ie: The Scream)
  5. e -reached boiling point in December 1942
    -Hitler sent to king of Denmark conventional birthday greetings
    -King Christian X replies with "My best thanks"
    -Sent Hitler into a rage
    -in 1943 Germans assumed direct rule

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  1. advocated "Norwegianization" of Danish (bokmal)
  2. Norwegian Swastika
  3. Leader of Nasjonal Samling (Norwegian Nazi party) and believed that Nazism was the best way to oppose communism
  4. Glucksvurg, King of Denmark during both world wars, forced Zahle
  5. Danish lawyer and politician; prime minister of Denmark 1909-1910

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  1. Embetsmenncollected Norwegian dialect info and published a grammar based on his research (nynorsk today)


  2. Grundtvigfirst socialist goverment prime minister of Sweden who argued for reform, and regulated consumption of alcohol through taxing and monopoly instead of prohibition


  3. NARVIK!Norwegian explorer, scientist, helped with postwar efforts, League of Nations


  4. Brandes and Ibsenwriters of the Socialist Revolution


  5. Treaty of Versaillestook Slesvig and Holstein away from Denmark and gave them to Austria and Prussia


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