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  1. cosmogony
  2. transnationalism
  3. What is the primary reason that Caribbean colonies began to turn to indentured labor as a workforce in the mid-nineteenth century?
  4. demographic transition
  5. richest nations are located
  1. a most colonial governments began to free their slaves
  2. b northern hemisphere
  3. c involves an individual or a family that has national loyalty to more than one country
  4. d A set of religious beliefs concerning the origin of the universe.
  5. e a dramatic change in birth and death rates

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  1. the various influences that explain why an economic activity takes place where it does
  2. Montserrat
  3. Runaway slaves who gathered in mountainous, forested, or swampy areas and formed their own self-governing communities. raided plantations for supplies, had military skills from Africa.
  4. the huge gap between gross receipts and the total tourist dollars that remain in the Caribbean
  5. Ireland & Germany (1820-1860)

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  1. global consumer cultureA culture in which people around the world are united through their common devotion to brand name consumer goods, movie stars, celebrities, and leisure activities. (NBA, Mcdonalds, KFC)


  2. What migration trend was caused by the mechanization of farming?Africa


  3. Plantation Americaa cultural region that extends from midway up the coast of brazil through caribbean and into south eastern u.s. plantations for export


  4. Which Caribbean country was the site of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion?Montserrat


  5. tertiary sectorThe portion of the economy concerned with transportation, communications, and utilities, sometimes extended to the provision of all goods and services to people in exchange for payment.


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