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  1. gentrification
  2. micronationalism
  3. counterurbanization
  4. Maquiladoras
  5. regions
  1. a areas that share common characteristics
  2. b The term given to zones in northern Mexico with factories supplying manufactured goods to the U.S. market. The low-wage workers in the primarily foreign-owned factories assemble imported components and/or raw materials and then export finished goods.
  3. c a process of converting an urban neighborhood from a predominantly low-income renter-occupied area to a predominantly middle-class owner-occupied area
  4. d Net migration from urban to rural areas in more developed countries.
  5. e group identity with the goal of self-tul within an existing nation-state

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  1. International organization that regulates international trade.
  2. England & Africa (1800-1820)
  3. dispersed around the world
  4. 1910
  5. North American Free Trade Agreement; allows open trade with US, Mexico, and Canada

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  1. Offshore Bankingthe removal of trees


  2. urban realmsAreas functioning separately in certain ways but are still linked together in a greater metropolitan sphere.


  3. Which Caribbean island has an active volcano?three island groups that form the West Indies


  4. transnationalisminvolves an individual or a family that has national loyalty to more than one country


  5. cultural nationalismpride in one's own culture


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