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  1. denomination
  2. demographic transition
  3. Maquiladoras
  4. Neocolonialism
  5. connectivity
  1. a control by a powerful country of its former colonies (or other less developed countries) by economic pressures
  2. b a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith
  3. c a dramatic change in birth and death rates
  4. d the degree of direct linkage between one particular location and other locations in a transport network
  5. e The term given to zones in northern Mexico with factories supplying manufactured goods to the U.S. market. The low-wage workers in the primarily foreign-owned factories assemble imported components and/or raw materials and then export finished goods.

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  1. A set of religious beliefs concerning the origin of the universe.
  2. migration of people to a specific location because relatives or members of the same nationality previously migrated there
  3. Metageography can refer to: the idea that mapping the world as a whole is always subjective and never objective
  4. refers to the evolution of a nation's labor force from one highly dependent on the primary sector to one with more employment in the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary sectors
  5. the dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture)

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  1. Under age 5 morality indicatorsService sector industries concerned with the collection, processing, and manipulation of information and capital. Examples include finance, administration, insurance, and legal services.


  2. deforestationAn internal organization of a state that allocates most powers to units of local government.


  3. Dependency TheoryA model of economic and social development that explains global inequality in terms of the historical exploitation of poor nations by rich ones


  4. rural to urban migrationIreland & Germany (1820-1860)


  5. 3rd stage of NA's settlement end1910


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