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  1. richest nations are located
  2. postindustrial economy
  3. Deforestation in the Amazon has decreased due to
  4. How long are the Andes Mountains?
  5. Main period of colonization by the European states
  1. a about 5,000 miles long
  2. b northern hemisphere
  3. c a productive system based on service work and computer technology
  4. d 1700-1800's
  5. e pressure from environmental agencies, pressure from indigenous groups, pressure from development agencies, an economic slowdown in Brazil

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  1. Service sector industries concerned with the collection, processing, and manipulation of information and capital. Examples include finance, administration, insurance, and legal services.
  2. Haiti
  3. the various influences that explain why an economic activity takes place where it does
  4. City with 10 million or more people.
  5. Upper midwestern US

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  1. cultural imperialismpride in one's own culture


  2. MDCThe land, often islands and coastal plains, around the edge of an area


  3. Greater and Lesser AntillesAn internal organization of a state that allocates most powers to units of local government.


  4. ethnicityaffiliation or identity within a group of people bound by common ancestry and culture


  5. transnationalisminvolves an individual or a family that has national loyalty to more than one country


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