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  1. lalalala(song) dyNASTY
  2. Kyoto (p.s. the k does not sound like a t making it tokyo as some one tried to tell me....)
  3. Gupta Empire
  4. Akbar the Great
  5. sultan
  1. a ruling family in india during the golden age
    responsible for many achievments'devoleped printed cloth
    invented decimal point and money systems-used today
  2. b expanded merit system
    new strains of rice better irrigation increased food production
    movable type printer-expande book production and literacy
  3. c muslim ruler
  4. d capital city of mideval japan
    emperor had a palace there
    nobles lived in mansions surrounding city
  5. e -greatest mughal leader of india
    responsible for expansion of empire and its stability
    increasing of trade and cultural difusion

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  1. Came from idea of Confucius
    emphasized values such as family, traditions and respect for each other
  2. Ancient trade route from China to the Mediterranean Sea
    Silk spices god jewels glass fur bronze were traded
    buddhism and islam spread
    middle men/ merchants go between and from Egypt Rome Greece China Mongol islamic empire
    technology spread- compass printing press gunpowder
  3. very strict social order that was part of hinduism
    hindus belive(d) in reincarnation so the did not disobey this b/cus they thought theyd be reincarnated to a lower level
    born there married there got a job there
    Brahmins-priest-provide spiritual guidence
    Rulers/Warriors- protect society
    Merchants/ Commoners- Provided food/supplies to communities
    UNtuchables- servants to the others
  4. Govt-absolute ruler- commanded army
    culture- practiced buddhism
    economics- rich for farming
    traded w/ china italy and greece
  5. a group of people who's job it is to carry out the work of the govt
    today fire fighters and the po-po a.k.a. police (sorry im feeling sarcastice feel free to edit that out)

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  1. Qin (Chin) DynastyRebuilt road networks
    devoloped system of curency- made trade for all chinese easy
    common system of weights (measures)
    Standarized writing system
    legalism-punish bad guys reward the good
    all standardized chinese life was unified


  2. Shogunmuslim ruler


  3. Mughal EmpireAdvanced military technology- cannnons bow gun armored elefantas
    conquered most of india and brough it under muslim rule
    built the taj mahal


  4. Kublai Khanmuslim ruler


  5. Taj Mahala tomb buit by Shah Jahan of india for his wife
    built cause he felt great loss for his wife when she died!!


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