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  1. Stock Exchange
  2. Commodity Money
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Money must be DURABLE
  5. Cash
  1. a Money must last a long time
  2. b The object used for money is valuable in itself

    Examples: Gold, Diamonds
  3. c Not true money! When you use a credit card, you are borrowing money from a company and will pay it back later
  4. d A place where stocks and bonds (also called securities) are bought & sold.

    The New York Stock Exchange is the largest in the world.
  5. e Coins and paper money. It is also called currency. This is fiat money and is the most commonly used form of money

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  1. A corporation is treated as an individual person
    A corporation can:
    -own property
    -make contracts
    -sell stocks & issue bonds
    -make & sell products
    -make a profit
    -pay taxes
    -sue others or be sued
  2. It must be hard to make fake money and money also should be easy for people to recognize
  3. Government has total power over people
  4. The father of economics
    He explained the ideas of capitalism/market economy
  5. The DOW is up and the stock market is strong. People are confident and are willing to invest

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  1. Money has 3 jobs:
    2) Money is a medium of exchange
    People use money to measure the value of something


  2. Shareholder / StockholderPeople who buy stock


  3. DividendsA certificate promising to repay borrowed money with interest
    -There are 2 types of bonds - corporate and municipal/government bonds
    *Bonds are a safer investment than stocks


  4. Money has 3 jobs:
    1) Money is a standard value
    People use money to measure the value of something


  5. Travelor's checksA special kind of check that represents money in a bank or large company. They are sold for face value with an extra fee, but they will be replaced if lost or stolen


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