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  1. Economic System
  2. Securities
  3. Liable
  4. Capital gain
  5. Money has 3 jobs:
    2) Money is a medium of exchange
  1. a Another word for stocks and bonds
  2. b Legally responsible for something

    Business owners are liable for their business
  3. c Money made from selling stocks for more money than what you bought them for.

    This is one way stockholders earn money from investing in stocks
  4. d A way of making economic choices and decisions. Every country has an economic system.
  5. e Money is an object people use to buy goods and services. Instead of trading goods and services directly for other goods and services, we trade goods and services for money

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  1. A total of the closing prices of a group of selected stocks. This number is used to tell whether the stock market is doing well or not
  2. The DOW is down which signals that the stock market is weak
  3. Also called capitalism
    Result of many people's buying and selling decisions. This type of economy is not run by anyone, it runs itself.
    People are free to buy and sell what they please
  4. The object used for money is valuable because the government says so

    Example: Cash
  5. It must be hard to make fake money and money also should be easy for people to recognize

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  1. Representative MoneyThe object used for money is valuable because the government says so

    Example: Cash


  2. SocialismCoins and paper money. It is also called currency. This is fiat money and is the most commonly used form of money


  3. ChecksChecks represent money in a checking account that is stored at the bank. This type of money is representative


  4. Legal entityThe father of economics
    He explained the ideas of capitalism/market economy


  5. Money has 3 jobs:
    3) Money stores value
    People use money to measure the value of something


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