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  1. Credit Cards
  2. Capital gain
  3. Charter
  4. Partnership
  5. Stock
  1. a Not true money! When you use a credit card, you are borrowing money from a company and will pay it back later
  2. b Money made from selling stocks for more money than what you bought them for.

    This is one way stockholders earn money from investing in stocks
  3. c A business owned by 2 or more people.
    -10% of today's businesses are partnerships
    -There are 2 types of partnerships
    1) General partnerships - each partner makes decisions and is legally responsible
    2) Limited partnerships - some partner does not make decisions and is not legally responsible

    Partnerships used to be sole proprietorships
  4. d A license to become a corporation
  5. e Shares of ownership in a corporation

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  1. A way of making economic choices and decisions. Every country has an economic system.
  2. Shares of a company's profits paid to stock holders 2-4 times a year.

    *This is one way to make money from investing in stocks
  3. A certificate promising to repay borrowed money with interest
    -There are 2 types of bonds - corporate and municipal/government bonds
    *Bonds are a safer investment than stocks
  4. It must be easy to break money into smaller units
  5. People who buy stock

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  1. SocialismTakes ideas from communism and market economy and combines them.
    Socialism supports that central planning from the government is needed and in public ownership of business like in a communist society. Socialist governments are democratic like in a market economy.


  2. ChecksShares of ownership in a corporation


  3. Money has 3 jobs:
    1) Money is a standard value
    People use money to measure the value of something


  4. Travelor's checksChecks represent money in a checking account that is stored at the bank. This type of money is representative


  5. Money must be HARD TO COUNTERFEITMoney must last a long time


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