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  1. bombastic
  2. tenacity
  3. acumen
  4. archaic
  5. tenuous
  1. a having little substance or strength; flimsy; weak
  2. b pompous; grandiloquent
  3. c keen, accurate judgment or insight
  4. d the quality of adherence or persistence to something valued; persistent determination
  5. e outdated; associated with an earlier, perhaps more primitive time

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  1. given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant
  2. tending to disappear like vapor; vanishing
  3. obstinately defiant of authority; difficult to manage
  4. able to meet financial obligations; able to dissolve another substance
  5. to state as a fact; to declare or assert

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  1. grandiloquencefleeting; passing quickly; brief


  2. repudiateunyielding; hardhearted; intractable


  3. obsequiouslacking authenticity or validity; false; counterfeit


  4. rhetoricthe art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion


  5. inchoatein an initial stage; not fully formed


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