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  1. lunedi`
  2. Nel temp livero casa ti/ Le piace fare?
  3. pranzare
  4. non vedere l'ora (di + infinitive)
  5. andare a letto
  1. a to go to bed
  2. b to eat lunch
  3. c Monday
  4. d What do you (informal/formal) like to do in your free time?
  5. e to not be avle to wait (to do something), to be excited

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  1. money
  2. to pay for
  3. excuse me (informal/formal)
  4. in the evening
  5. to open

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  1. tutti i gioni/ ogni gironowhat day is today?


  2. dimenticareto eat


  3. sono le due e mezzoto stay up late


  4. mercoledi`Tuesday


  5. lavorareto wash


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