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  1. preferire
  2. andare a letto
  3. giocare a calco/ a carte/ a golf/ a tennis
  4. rientrare
  5. venire
  1. a to go to bed
  2. b to come
  3. c to come home
  4. d to play soccer/ cards/ golf/ tennis
  5. e to prefer

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  1. to ask a question
  2. guitar
  3. What interesting (fun) things do you (informal/formal) have planned?
  4. cellphone
  5. At what time...?

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  1. il piattoplate, dish


  2. Nel temp livero casa ti/ Le piace fare?What do you (informal/formal) like to do in your free time?


  3. E` preso/tarditoo late


  4. a piu` tardisee you later


  5. non vedere l'ora (di + infinitive)one needs to (do something)


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