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  1. Kindervater
  2. Josef Hamacher
  3. Himmelstoss
  4. Sergeant Oellrich
  5. Paul Baumer
  1. a Sniper that just shoots to try and kill people on the other side, never really aims just shoots. Had 3 kills in 1 day.
  2. b narrator and protagonist of novel; sensitive but detached; loses all innocence
  3. c sharpshooter the men encounter at the Catholic Hospital. When Paul tosses a bottle to quiet the loudly praying nuns, he takes blame. The men are shocked by his boldness, until they learn that he has a "shooting license" which means he was shot in the head so he isn't responsible for what he does so he can do anything.
  4. d Soldier in a neighboring unit. bed-wetter
  5. e noncommissioned training officer that thinks he has power over everyone. Torments Paul and his friends.

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  1. company commander and a good guy. He loves his men, allows them to eat extra rations when Ginger the cook tries to withhold them, and he dies saving his company from the attack of enemy flamethrowers.
  2. must have leg amputated after suffering a wound. Dies early on in the novel. Many people want his boots.
  3. cowardly cook only talked about at the beginning of the novel.
  4. someone who attemps to save or kill a wounded dog but dies from his wound in the thigh
  5. dying of cancer; brings out emotions in Paul. Bakes pancakes for Paul.

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  1. Peterfirst to have sex out of Paul's friends


  2. KantorekOne of Paul's best friend in the army; always is the one to find food or clothing when his group is in need. dies from a splinter in the head (shrapnel)


  3. Mullerreally wants Kammerich's boots when Kammerich is dying. Very practical; in Paul's group


  4. Deteringman who come back from the dying room


  5. Leerfirst to have sex out of Paul's friends


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