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AS 512 Section R (Theory) Test

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  1. The obturator foramen is found in the
  2. The 3rd metatarsal of the horse is also called the
  3. The femur contains
  4. Which bone has the dens associated with it?
  5. In cows, rotation can occur with which of the following joints?
  1. a Hips
  2. b pelvis
  3. c the trochanter, the head, the trochlea, the fovea capitis (all of the above)
  4. d 2nd cervical
  5. e cannon

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  1. are longer in the rear legs than in the front legs
  2. carpus
  3. lumbar
  4. fetlock
  5. contains the trochlea

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  1. The bone with a ball joint and a deep cavity on its posterior distal end is thecannon


  2. The axisis the first cervical


  3. The greater trochanterbetween the femur and the tibia in the cow


  4. The scapula r37none of the above


  5. The largest sesamoid bone in the body ispatella


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