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  1. The first vertebra next to the skull is
  2. The acromion is found on the
  3. In cows, rotation can occur with which of the following joints?
  4. The bone with a ball joint and a deep cavity on its posterior distal end is the
  5. The scapula
  1. a humerus
  2. b none of the above
  3. c Hips
  4. d contains the acromion
  5. e scapula

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  1. between the femur and the tibia in the cow
  2. lateral processes
  3. aimed to the outside, or lateral side, of the bone
  4. lumbar
  5. 3 phalanges make one digit

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  1. The joint between the cannon and the first phalanx of the front leg is thehock


  2. Flexion of the hock occursat the tarsus


  3. The radius and the ulnacontains the acromion


  4. The bones directly distal to the patellahave the hock on their distal ends


  5. The ulna disappears about 1/3 the way down the radius inhorses


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