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  1. The fibula is to all intents and purposes absent in
  2. The atlas
  3. The scapula
  4. All mammals have how many cervical vertebrae?
  5. The acromion is found on the
  1. a scapula
  2. b bovines
  3. c is the first cervical
  4. d Seven
  5. e contains the acromion

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  1. scapula
  2. is involved with a symphysis
  3. cervical
  4. located at the stifle
  5. aimed to the outside, or lateral side, of the bone

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  1. The stifle is locatedbetween the femur and the tibia in the cow


  2. The joint between the cannon and the first phalanx of the front leg is thehock


  3. The bones directly distal to the patellahave the hock on their distal ends


  4. Lumbar vertebrae are most easily distinguished by theirlateral processes


  5. The hip joint is also known as thescapula


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