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  1. The atlas
  2. The joint found between the horse's 1st and 2nd phalanges is the
  3. Flexion of the hock occurs
  4. The axis
  5. The bone with a ball joint and a deep cavity on its posterior distal end is the
  1. a pastern
  2. b contains the dens
  3. c is the first cervical
  4. d at the tarsus
  5. e humerus

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  1. contains the splint bones
  2. Two fused
  3. are longer in the rear legs than in the front legs
  4. are associated with the olecranon
  5. lumbar

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  1. Lumbar vertebrae are most easily distinguished by theirlateral processes


  2. The cow mandiblecontains the dens


  3. The acromion is part of thefemur


  4. The scapulanone of the above


  5. All mammals have how many cervical vertebrae?Seven


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