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AS 512 Section R (Theory) Test

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  1. The femur contains
  2. The joint between the cannon and the first phalanx of the front leg is the
  3. The metacarpals can be distinguished from the metatarsals because
  4. All mammals have how many cervical vertebrae?
  5. The olecranon fossa is found on which bone?
  1. a humerus
  2. b the metacarpals are shorter
  3. c Seven
  4. d the trochanter, the head, the trochlea, the fovea capitis (all of the above)
  5. e fetlock

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  1. between the femur and the tibia in the cow
  2. none of the above
  3. none of the above
  4. pelvis
  5. acetabulum

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  1. The curve of the tibia crest ison the proximal end of the bone, on the anterior side of the bone, triangular in shape, curves to the outside (all of the above)


  2. The atlascontains the dens


  3. The greater trochanteris part of the femur


  4. The largest sesamoid bone in the body islocated at the stifle


  5. The anconeal process is a part of theulna


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