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  1. The radius and the ulna
  2. The acromion is part of the
  3. The joint found between the horse's 1st and 2nd phalanges is the
  4. The cannon bones in the horse
  5. The vertebra with the noticeably long transverse processes would be a
  1. a are associated with the olecranon
  2. b scapula
  3. c are longer in the rear legs than in the front legs
  4. d lumbar
  5. e pastern

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  1. humerus
  2. long transverse processes
  3. at the tarsus
  4. fetlock
  5. lateral processes

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  1. In cows, rotation can occur with which of the following joints?hock


  2. The anconeal process is a part of theulna


  3. Which animal has the ulna fused into the upper 1/3 of the radius?2nd cervical


  4. The axisis the first cervical


  5. The rear cannon bone of the horsecontains the splint bones


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