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  1. The fibula is to all intents and purposes absent in
  2. The joint found between the horse's 1st and 2nd phalanges is the
  3. The obturator foramen is found in the
  4. In the foot of the horse
  5. All mammals have seven of which type vertebra?
  1. a cervical
  2. b pastern
  3. c 3 phalanges make one digit
  4. d bovines
  5. e pelvis

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  1. horses
  2. lumbar
  3. contains the splint bones
  4. femur
  5. carpus

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  1. The bones directly distal to the patellanone of the above


  2. The greater trochanterthe trochanter, the head, the trochlea, the fovea capitis (all of the above)


  3. The hip joint is also known as thescapula


  4. The axisis the first cervical


  5. The first vertebra next to the skull islocated at the stifle


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