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  1. The joint on the distal end of the radius and ulna is called the
  2. The 3rd metatarsal of the horse is also called the
  3. The joint between the cannon and the first phalanx of the front leg is the
  4. All mammals have seven of which type vertebra?
  5. The atlas
  1. a carpus
  2. b is the first cervical
  3. c fetlock
  4. d cervical
  5. e cannon

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  1. 2nd cervical
  2. humerus
  3. Two fused
  4. scapula
  5. ulna

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  1. In cows, rotation can occur with which of the following joints?Hips


  2. The trochlea is part of thefemur


  3. The obturator foramen is found in thepelvis


  4. The femuris the first cervical


  5. The axiscontains the dens


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