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  1. hyperventilation
  2. rusticate
  3. confluence
  4. pyre
  5. humus
  1. a -to go to the country
    -to cause to become rustic
  2. b -the flowing together of two or more elements: streams or rivers, or ideas, influences, or cultures
    -an assembling or flocking together in a crowd
  3. c rich, dark organic material formed by decay of vegetable matter, essential to soil's fertility
  4. d a pile of wood, etc., for burning a corpse as part of a funeral rite; any pile of combustible materials
  5. e the condition of taking abnormally fast, deep breaths

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  1. -designed or intended to cause a fire
    -tending to stir up strife; inflammatory
    -a person who maliciously burns his or her own or another's property for monetary advantage
  2. -to dig out of the ground or from a grave; to disinter
    -to bring to light; to uncover
  3. a very small amount;a bit; an iota
  4. to reflect or come back either favorable or unfavorably (upon a person or thing)
  5. -strong desire for achievement; ambition toward a long-range goal
    -expulsion of breath in speaking

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  1. phantasma pope or bishop


  2. pastoral-pertaining to a Christian minister or the duties accompanying the office
    -referring to life in open country or to fields for farming and grazing
    -pertaining to an idealized rural life


  3. inundateto have or to cause to have a wavy motion


  4. geocentrica high ridge of land jutting into a body of water; a headland


  5. terrestrial-referring to the center of the earth in measurement or observation
    -considering the earth as the center of a planetary system


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