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  1. paramount
  2. rustic
  3. pontificate
  4. apogee
  5. flux
  1. a -typical of country life and people; simple; rough
    -a rural person
  2. b -a flow
    -a continuous succession of changes
  3. c of chief importance; primary; foremost
  4. d -to speak with pompous authority
    -the office of a pontiff; papacy
  5. e -the point in its orbit when a planet or satellite (usually the moon) is farthest from the earth
    -the highest point; culmination; apex

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  1. a very small amount;a bit; an iota
  2. a pope or bishop
  3. -arousing strong emotion, especially anger or hostility
    -pertaining to redness, swelling, or pain following an infection or injury
  4. -to go to the country
    -to cause to become rustic
  5. -to submerge or overflow with water; to flood
    -to overwhelm

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  1. marinadethe long central part of a church extending from the entrance to the altar with aisles along the sides


  2. pusillanimous-a powerful feeling of hostility or antagonism; hatred
    -an animating spirit


  3. effervescent-an outlet; an opening for passage of liquids, fumes, or sometimes air
    -to utter; to express, especially in relieving strong feelings


  4. incendiaryto infuriate; to enrage


  5. confluence-a stream or overflow from a larger body of water, or from a channel or sewer
    -flowing out


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