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  1. hyperventilation
  2. terrestrial
  3. exhume
  4. nave
  5. hydrology
  1. a -to dig out of the ground or from a grave; to disinter
    -to bring to light; to uncover
  2. b the condition of taking abnormally fast, deep breaths
  3. c -pertaining to the earth and its inhabitants
    -referring to land as distinct from water or air
  4. d the long central part of a church extending from the entrance to the altar with aisles along the sides
  5. e the study of water and its effects on and in the earth and in the atmosphere

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  1. -strong desire for achievement; ambition toward a long-range goal
    -expulsion of breath in speaking
  2. dejected; discouraged; gloomy
  3. -to speak with pompous authority
    -the office of a pontiff; papacy
  4. -designed or intended to cause a fire
    -tending to stir up strife; inflammatory
    -a person who maliciously burns his or her own or another's property for monetary advantage
  5. to bury; to place in a grave

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  1. terra cotta-pertaining to the earth and its inhabitants
    -referring to land as distinct from water or air


  2. hyperborean-pertaining to a Christian minister or the duties accompanying the office
    -referring to life in open country or to fields for farming and grazing
    -pertaining to an idealized rural life


  3. pyromaniaa compulsion to set things on fire


  4. redoundto reflect or come back either favorable or unfavorably (upon a person or thing)


  5. dehydrate-to remove water or moisture
    -to lose water or moisture


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