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  1. hydrology
  2. repast
  3. fervid
  4. ether
  5. pyromania
  1. a a compulsion to set things on fire
  2. b -the regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere; the heavens
    -a highly flammable liquid anesthetic
  3. c full of intense passion or zeal
  4. d the study of water and its effects on and in the earth and in the atmosphere
  5. e a meal; food served at a meal

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  1. a flatterer seeking favors or gain;a servile self-seeker
  2. the long central part of a church extending from the entrance to the altar with aisles along the sides
  3. to infuriate; to enrage
  4. -designed or intended to cause a fire
    -tending to stir up strife; inflammatory
    -a person who maliciously burns his or her own or another's property for monetary advantage
  5. a large and destructive fire

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  1. inflammatorya large and destructive fire


  2. humus-a powerful feeling of hostility or antagonism; hatred
    -an animating spirit


  3. apogee-the point in its orbit when a planet or satellite (usually the moon) is farthest from the earth
    -the highest point; culmination; apex


  4. hyperbole-far north; Arctic
    -very cold; frigid


  5. redundant-superfluous; exceeding what is needed, or what is needed no longer
    -verbose; needlessly repetitious


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