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after ice sheets and glaciers, this contains the next highest percentage of earth's freshwater


if groundwater is like a bank account, which of the following statements represents a deposit?

a boundary between saturated rock below and unsaturated rock above

what is the water table? a boundary between unsaturated bedorck and an underground river? a boun dary between unsaturated bedrock below and saturated bedrock above? an underground mass of partly saturated rock? a boundary between saturated rock below and unsaturated rock above?

water rises above the top of the aquifer without any pumping

What happens in an artesian well? the water is warm, fairly saline, and recharged by an affluent stream? pressurized groundwater rises from a deep, unsaturated aquifer? water rises above the top of the aquifer without any pumping? the well is horizontal and the water table is perched?

high porosity and high permeability

these are characteristics found in all good aquifers

agriculture and irrigation

these account for the largest usage of groundwater in the US


where is the world's largest ice sheet located today?

basal slip

this is a major flow mechanism in a glacier. most glaciers are thought to move by this process

melting of the glacier resulting in increased rates of basal slip

this is the best explanation for glacial surge. the climate cools sudenly and a retreating glacier betgins to advance? heavy snowfalls resulting in avalanches in the zone of accumulation? melting of the glacier resulting in increased rates of basal slip? crevasses opening suddenly near the snout, end, of a glacier?

accumulation exceeds wastage

which of the following applies to an alpine glacier that lengthens (extends its terminus downslope) over a period of many years? watage exceeds accumulation? accumulation exceeds wastage? accumulation and wastage are about equal? none of the above?

by calving large glaciers in greenland

how do icebergs in the north atlantic ocean originate? by calving large glaciers in greenland? as large masses of glacier retreat on greenland? as glacial masses advance on Antarctica? as suring blocks of glacial ice float northward from antarctica?

the basal (in contact with bedrock), sliding zone

abrasion and plucking generally involve what part of a glacier? the interal (within), flowage zone? the snouth (dowstream end) zone? the surface (in contact with the atmosphere), brittle zone? the basal (in contact with bedrock), sliding zone?


A __ shaped cross-valley profile is typical of canyons and valleys eroded and deepened by alipine or valley glaciers


are erosional features produced by valley/alpine glaciers

the sedimentary materials, such as till, transported by glacial ice

which of the following best describes the term glacial drift? floating of icebergs southward from the north polar seas? slow, plastic flow movement in the basal zone of a glacier? the sedimentary materials, such as till, transported by glacial ice? the slow, southward advance of the continental ice sheets over canada and north americanduring the pleistocene?

unsorted sand and gravel beds

all of the following descriptions apply to stratified drift (not glacial till except for ___. deposited directly from melting ice? unsorted sand and gravel beds? well-sorted deposits that are often layered? deposited by glacial meltwater streams?

rate of accumulation

which of the following does NOT affect the rate of erosion of bed rock by migrating glaciers?

they reflect light produced by the sun

glaciers enable the Earth to mainrtain cooler temperatures because ______.

zone of wastage

in the following picture, the ____________ encompasses the greatest portion of the glacier


t/f glacial striations are present on the continent of AFRICA and were created during an ancient ice age in which southern regions of pangea were covered by glaciers.


t/f in the mid-western states, the water table remains UNCHANGED though the seasons (summer to winter)

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