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  1. Nero's response to the rise of Christianity
  2. Cicero: (pg. 202): "What sort of thing is the law? It is the kind that cannot be bent by influence, or broken by power, or spoiled by money."
  3. Colosseum
  4. Diocletian
  5. Athens : Greece :: Rome : MODERN DAY ITALY OR THE ROMAN EMPIRE
  1. a Where gladiators fought, and other shows were held there.
  2. b (A.D 245-316) Emperor of Rome from A.D 284 to 305, reorganized the Roman government
  3. c Athens : Greece :: Rome : ____________________
  4. d a terrible fire went on in Rome for nine days. Nero blamed the Christians and had them killed which created martyrs which attracted new followers.
  5. e He is saying that the government should not be destroyed by; influence, money, or power.

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  1. B.P.3) Why is Roman law important to us today? (Justinian's Code of Laws)
  2. He is saying that the gladiator activities are just plain straight out murder. In the morning, they get beaten up by animals and in the afternoon, they get thrown to the people of the town.
  3. Date of Fall of Byzantium; Roman capita which was changed to Constantinople
  4. a city were present day Istanbul is and it became Constantinople when Constantine was in rule
  5. A foreign warrior that is paid to fight for no real cause

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  1. Inflationan economic situation in which there is more money of less value. Meaning the government


  2. Mare Nostrumthe Latin (which is the official language of the Romans) word for "our sea"; referring to the Mediterranean Sea which was the center of the known world at the time


  3. Roman Senateenabled the Romans to build larger structures and they could use it to resist water. Made of cement, water, rock, and sand.


  4. Role of the Fatherthe rights of the mother in a family depended on their husbands wealth and status; if the husband was a wealthy political man, the wife had a lot of freedom, where as if the husband was a poor Roman; the wife had very little and limited freedom


  5. March 15, 44 B.COriginally used by the Etruscans. Romans introduced it to their soon to be empire. Still used today in many structures


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