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  1. Constantine
  2. Concrete
  3. Province
  4. Role of the Father
  5. Inflation
  1. a (278-337 A.D) Emperor of Rome from A.D 312 to 337; encouraged the spread of Christianity; best emperor; became a Christian; first Born Again Christian Emperor
  2. b an economic situation in which there is more money of less value. Meaning the government
  3. c he was the controler of the family he owned the family and the house.
  4. d a unit of an empire; the provinces of the Roman Empire each had a governor supported by an army
  5. e enabled the Romans to build larger structures and they could use it to resist water. Made of cement, water, rock, and sand.

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  1. someone who died for a cause they believe in.
  2. Twin brothers; children of a beautiful princess and Mars (Greek's Ares); evil and jealous king feared that they would someday seize power from him and ordered them to be drowned; The gods protected them, they were found by a she wolf and were taken to her cave were they were raised. Then they were soon found by a shepherd who raised them until they were older. When they were older they created the city of Rome.
  3. A foreign warrior that is paid to fight for no real cause
  4. a system that allows water run through cities and home fro drinking and bathing
  5. a person in the ancient Roman Republic appointed to rule for six months in a time of emergency; had the powers of a king

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  1. Patrician(A.D 76-138 emperor of Rome from A>D 117 to 138; one of Rome's greatest emperors; worked the unify the empire


  2. Slavery3 types of slaves: house slaves: often treated as a member of the family, sometimes get adopted of married into the family, agricolture slaves: had a hard life forced to work in the farming fields, mine slaves: had terrible life worked in dangerous mines. All slaves had no rights.


  3. Diocletianan economic situation in which there is more money of less value. Meaning the government


  4. Athens : Greece :: Rome : MODERN DAY ITALY OR THE ROMAN EMPIREIndia : Indian Ocean :: Italy : _________________


  5. Dark Agesa Visigoth general; threw out the last roman emperor and made himself one


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