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  1. parallel to the third side and half as long as the third side
  2. If I go outside, then it is sunny
  3. central angles
  4. bisect each other
  5. multiply means and extremes, switch means or extremes, add denomonator to numerator on both sides
  1. a what are some properties of proportions? mmae, smoe, adtnobs
  2. b if a segment joins the midpoints of 2 sides of a triangle, the segment is
  3. c diagonals of a parallelogram
  4. d in the same circle or congruent circles 2 minor arcs r congruent if and only if their _____ ______ are congruent
  5. e Converse of:If it is sunny i will go outside

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  1. a ______ segment from a point to a line/plane is the shortest segment from a point to a line/plane
  2. the diagonals of a ______ are congruent
  3. Contrapositive of: If it is sunny i will go outside
  4. in same circle or congruent circles, chords equally distant from the center are _____
  5. list 5 ways to prove quadrilateral is a parallelogram: bosrp bosrc oosicap boarc o dbeo

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  1. rhombusthe diagonals of a _____ are perpendicular


  2. secants, tangents, secant and a tangentmeasure of an angle formed by two __, 2 ___, or a __ __ __ __ drawn from a point outside a circle is equal to half the difference of the measures of the intercepted arcs


  3. bisectsdiameter thts perpendicular to a chord ____ the chord at its arc


  4. greaterthe measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is ______ than the measure of either remote interior angle


  5. congruentline tht intersects circle in exactly 1 point


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