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  1. Gorbachev
  2. Secret Speech
  3. October Revolution
  4. Collective Farming
  5. West
  1. a Khrushchev's speech to a closed session of congress - denounced Stalin and his Cult of Personality while bolstering support for his own reforms
  2. b agricultural component of Stalin's 5 year plans - led to great famine and millions of deaths
  3. c 2nd part of 1917 Revolution - Lenin seized control of Russia - minimal bloodshed
  4. d where most of the population resides
  5. e Glasnost, Perestroika, Law on Cooperatives

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  1. Russian defeat in this 1905 war led dissident Russian groups to challenge the power of the czar
  2. Great Purges, Five Year Plans, Collective Farming
  3. Peaceful Coexistence, Secret Speech, Berlin Wall and Khrushchovka's
  4. policy under Lenin that brought small market reforms to communism and brought Russian economy back from the brink of collapse after the Civil War
  5. following 1905-1906 Revolution - confirmed czar as absolute leader of Russia and stated that the Duma, the state council, and the czar must pass any legislation before it became a law

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  1. Russianmain ethnic group


  2. War CommunismBolsheviks (Reds) won the Russian Civil War thanks largely to Lenin's idea of _


  3. Redemption Paymentsprogram instituted by Stalin to rid the communist party of anyone who disagreed with Stalinist principles and programs - millions were exiled to Serbia or killed


  4. War CommunismLenin's attempt to rapidly transition Russia into a communist nation - everything is state-controlled and all resources were shifted to the Red Army before being rationed to the people


  5. Law on Cooperativesattempt by Nicholas II to appease the people without making any real reforms - flouted democratic reforms such as the legalization of political parties


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