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  1. Russo-Japanese War
  2. Lenin
  3. Peaceful Coexistence
  4. Shock Therapy
  5. Trotsky
  1. a policy under Khrushchev that detailed how capitalist and communist nations could coexist peacefully - called for Geneva Summit in 1956
  2. b Russian defeat in this 1905 war led dissident Russian groups to challenge the power of the czar
  3. c Trotskyism, Permanent Revolution, Power Struggle with Stalin
  4. d program instituted by Yeltsin that called for drastic economic changes including the lifting of price and currency controls, the withdrawal of state subsidies, and immediate trade liberalization - failed to bring lasting improvement to Russia
  5. e April Theses, War Communism, New Economic Policy

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  1. following 1905-1906 Revolution - confirmed czar as absolute leader of Russia and stated that the Duma, the state council, and the czar must pass any legislation before it became a law
  2. part of Gorbachev's perestroika - put private ownership of business in the services, manufacturing, and foreign trade sectors of the economy
  3. czar that expanded Russia's territory from the Baltic in the east to the Pacific in the west - moved capital to St. Petersburg in an effort to "modernize" Russia
  4. Stalin's plans to improve economy of Soviet Union through a focus on agriculture and industry (state-controlled)
  5. last czar to rule Russia

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  1. Collective Farmingagricultural component of Stalin's 5 year plans - led to great famine and millions of deaths


  2. 1stwhere most of the population resides


  3. GorbachevGlasnost, Perestroika, Law on Cooperatives


  4. October Manifesto2nd part of 1917 Revolution - Lenin seized control of Russia - minimal bloodshed


  5. West_ largest country in the world


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