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  1. Law on Cooperatives
  2. Glasnost
  3. Yeltsin
  4. Sunni Muslim
  5. Permanent Revolution
  1. a part of Gorbachev's perestroika - put private ownership of business in the services, manufacturing, and foreign trade sectors of the economy
  2. b program under Gorbachev that called for "openness" in Soviet society - gave more political freedoms and loosened restrictions on the media
  3. c first freely elected Russian President
  4. d Trotsky's theory that called for global uprising of proletariat against bourgeoisie
  5. e religious affiliation that dominates the region of Chechnya

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  1. took place on January 22nd, 1905 - solidified revolutionary thought in Russia - realized that czarist changes were not going to come without massive work strikes and riots
  2. parliament tried to impeach Yeltsin - people supported parliament - Yeltsin put down the revolts and added his own unpopular forms to the new constitution
  3. person who won the 2008 Russian Presidential Election amid calls of voting irregularity
  4. main religion (of those who claim any religion)
  5. Great Purges, Five Year Plans, Collective Farming

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  1. Great Purgesczar that expanded Russia's territory from the Baltic in the east to the Pacific in the west - moved capital to St. Petersburg in an effort to "modernize" Russia


  2. February Revolution2nd part of 1917 Revolution - Lenin seized control of Russia - minimal bloodshed


  3. KhrushchevPeaceful Coexistence, Secret Speech, Berlin Wall and Khrushchovka's


  4. Russo-Japanese WarRussian defeat in this 1905 war led dissident Russian groups to challenge the power of the czar


  5. 1stwhere most of the population resides


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