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  1. dramatic irony
  2. static character
  3. verbal irony
  4. personification
  5. antagonist
  1. a the character in conflict with the main character
  2. b word have double meanings
    (ex: sarcasm)
  3. c a character who stays the same throughout the whole story
  4. d when the audience knows something a character doesn't know
  5. e giving human qualities to a non-living or non-human object

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  1. character is in conflict with him/herself
    (man vs. self)
  2. a comparison between two unlike things
  3. a contrast between appearance and reality
  4. narrator tells you the overall message directly
  5. the feeling or atmosphere of a story

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  1. resolutionthe part of the plot arc in which characters and setting are introduced


  2. 3rd person limitedthe narrator tells the story from a perspective of an outside character (recongnized by he/she). We know the feelings and thoughts of ALL characters


  3. external conflicta charater is in conflict with outside forces
    (man vs. man)
    (man vs. nature)
    (man vs. god/supernatural)


  4. settingthe place, time, and culture in which a story takes place


  5. plotthe sequence of events in a story


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