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  1. static character
  2. dynamic character
  3. implied theme
  4. situational irony
  5. oxymoron
  1. a a character who stays the same throughout the whole story
  2. b the outcome is the opposite of what you expect
  3. c you have to piece together the overall message from the story
  4. d the joining of two contradictory words to create one meaning
  5. e a character who changes throughout the story (doesn't mean death)

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  1. the feeling or atmosphere of a story
  2. a contrast between appearance and reality
  3. the character in conflict with the main character
  4. word have double meanings
    (ex: sarcasm)
  5. the sequence of events in a story

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  1. dramatic ironywhen the audience knows something a character doesn't know


  2. personificationthe part of the plot arc in which characters and setting are introduced


  3. climaxthe part of the plot arc that is emotional high part of a story


  4. themethe overall message of the story


  5. symbolisma comparison between two unlike things using like or as


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