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  1. Affirmative
  2. Burden of Proof
  3. Inductive Reasoning
  4. Rebuttal
  5. Deductive Reasoning
  1. a the side of a debate that advocates a change in present policies or beliefs
  2. b specific to general
  3. c the second series of speeches in a debate when no new constructive arguments may be advanced
  4. d reasoning from the general to the particular
  5. e the obligation to provide sufficient evidence and arguments to support a claim

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  1. the advantage that the negative has because what exists will continue to exist unless a conscious decision to change is made
  2. to engage in argument or discussion
  3. a more impromptu style of competitive debating
  4. a vital, inherent question around which a debate focuses
  5. a discussion involving differing points of view OR statement, reason, or fact for or against a point

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  1. Enthymemeto establish truth or falsehood


  2. Backingsomething that serves to give reliable or formal assurance of something


  3. Clashmaintain as a fact


  4. Prima Facie caseto establish truth or falsehood


  5. Fallacyis a generic term that indicates an error or weakness in an argument or though process


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