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  1. Lamp Tray
  2. Focus Chart
  3. Digital Light Curtain "DLC"
  4. Backlight
  5. Chase
  1. a comes from upstage or from behind actors.
  2. b part of lamp where lamp holder sits
  3. c remote-controlled batten with color changers
  4. d record indicating exact focus of all lanterns
  5. e sequence of cues to change lighting

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  1. imaginary line down middle of stage
  2. focuses a small beam on a specific spot
  3. blocks all but one color from coming through
  4. intense light - used for special effects
  5. level of illumination on a surface

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  1. Breakupabstract gobo - provides non-specific texture


  2. Silkfilter that stretches light in different directions


  3. Beam Lightlamp that uses a parabolic reflector for high-intensity


  4. Boss PlatePowered by battery, so not practical until invention of generator.


  5. Aerolight with tight beam that produces intense light


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