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  1. Artic / Articulated Lorry
  2. Breakup
  3. Parcan
  4. Birdie
  5. Additive Color
  1. a low voltage uplight often used to conceal set pieces
  2. b Used to transport required items (props, costumes, technical equipment) in traveling productions
  3. c intense light - used for special effects
  4. d when two colored beams are focused on one area
  5. e abstract gobo - provides non-specific texture

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  1. remote-controlled batten with color changers
  2. Gel that's melted or lost its color
  3. analog to digital converter used in computer soundcards
  4. headsets used to communicate backstage
  5. aspect of moving light that can be controlled

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  1. Donutmetal plate inserted into lanterns to sharpen focus


  2. Compact Iodide Daylight "CID"high intensity lamp that simulates daylight


  3. Natural Density FilterUsed to decrease light's intensity without changing color


  4. Maroondevice that creates the sound of an explosion


  5. Color Calllist of colors needed for a lighting plan


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