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  1. Additive Color
  2. Clearance
  3. Breakup
  4. Fills
  5. Birdie
  1. a low voltage uplight often used to conceal set pieces
  2. b FOH communication that house is ready
  3. c speakers used in addition to main sound system
  4. d when two colored beams are focused on one area
  5. e abstract gobo - provides non-specific texture

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  1. measurement of electrical current in a circuit
  2. high intensity lamp that simulates daylight
  3. Gel that's melted or lost its color
  4. part of lamp where lamp holder sits
  5. used to bolt down scenery

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  1. Color Calllist of colors needed for a lighting plan


  2. Natural Density Filterblocks all but one color from coming through


  3. CLrefers to colors mixed in moving lights


  4. Blindersface the audience to prevent them from seeing backstage


  5. Canscode used by the Lighting Industry Forum to indicate recommended usage of lanterns


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