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  1. Parcan
  2. Attribute
  3. Chase
  4. Cans
  5. Flagging
  1. a sequence of cues to change lighting
  2. b intense light - used for special effects
  3. c waving hands in front of beam to find where focus is on stage
  4. d headsets used to communicate backstage
  5. e aspect of moving light that can be controlled

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  1. lighting bar set downstage of the proscenium
  2. when two colored beams are focused on one area
  3. Powered by battery, so not practical until invention of generator.
  4. part of lamp where lamp holder sits
  5. analog to digital converter used in computer soundcards

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  1. Fillsspeakers used in addition to main sound system


  2. Breakuploudspeakers flown in for a performance


  3. Color Callblocks all but one color from coming through


  4. Focus Chartrecord indicating exact focus of all lanterns


  5. Birdiehidden trapdoor concealing outlets on stage or a lacquer used to tint bulbs or lighting set up at stage level


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