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  1. Backlight
  2. Key Light
  3. Arc Lamp
  4. Beam Light
  5. CL
  1. a Powered by battery, so not practical until invention of generator.
  2. b comes from upstage or from behind actors.
  3. c lamp that uses a parabolic reflector for high-intensity
  4. d imaginary line down middle of stage
  5. e main source of lighting

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  1. Used to decrease light's intensity without changing color
  2. all-encompassing term for lighting equipment
  3. compensates for holes in key lighting
  4. hidden trapdoor concealing outlets on stage or a lacquer used to tint bulbs or lighting set up at stage level
  5. Flank actors. Enhance 3-D look

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  1. Throwlight with tight beam that produces intense light


  2. Flaggingwhen sound is distorted because an amp is too weak


  3. Focus Chartrecord indicating exact focus of all lanterns


  4. Baby Lensmaterial used to prevent light from spilling into another area or to reduce sound reflection


  5. Artic / Articulated Lorryaspect of moving light that can be controlled


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