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  1. Artic / Articulated Lorry
  2. Silk
  3. A-D Converter
  4. Fill Light
  5. Burnout
  1. a Used to transport required items (props, costumes, technical equipment) in traveling productions
  2. b analog to digital converter used in computer soundcards
  3. c Gel that's melted or lost its color
  4. d compensates for holes in key lighting
  5. e filter that stretches light in different directions

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  1. when two colored beams are focused on one area
  2. hidden trapdoor concealing outlets on stage or a lacquer used to tint bulbs or lighting set up at stage level
  3. used to bolt down scenery
  4. part of lamp where lamp holder sits
  5. all-encompassing term for lighting equipment

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  1. Key Lightlamp that uses a parabolic reflector for high-intensity


  2. Barndoorsflaps on the front of a Fresnel that are adjusted to control the beam.


  3. Scoopmounted in ellipsoidal reflector - produces soft-edged, circular beam. Used as floodlight.


  4. Arc LampPowered by battery, so not practical until invention of generator.


  5. Aerocode used by the Lighting Industry Forum to indicate recommended usage of lanterns


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