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  1. Silk
  2. Fill Light
  3. Key Light
  4. Throw
  5. Cans
  1. a compensates for holes in key lighting
  2. b The distance between a lighting source and what is being lit.
  3. c filter that stretches light in different directions
  4. d headsets used to communicate backstage
  5. e main source of lighting

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  1. used to bolt down scenery
  2. Used to decrease light's intensity without changing color
  3. speakers used in addition to main sound system
  4. analog to digital converter used in computer soundcards
  5. device that creates the sound of an explosion

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  1. Parcanintense light - used for special effects


  2. Luminairelow voltage uplight often used to conceal set pieces


  3. Arrayloudspeakers flown in for a performance


  4. CSIIodine light used in followspots.


  5. Scoopmounted in ellipsoidal reflector - produces soft-edged, circular beam. Used as floodlight.


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