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  1. alcoholism
  2. alcohol abuse
  3. DUI
  4. COPD
  5. Gonorrhea
  1. a drinking too much alcohol, drinking it too often, or drinking it at inappropriate times
  2. b - pain during urination, vaginal discharge, pain in pelvis area. Both partners take antibiotics
  3. c a disease in which a person has a physical or psychological dependence on drinks that contain alcohol
  4. d chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe.
  5. e driving under the influence

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  1. itching in infected area. Medication.
  2. genital and anal warts. Abnormal pap smear. No cure, can be frozen or surgically removed.
  3. cured, ground tobacco sold moist or blended to a powder-like consistency.
  4. has the same effects as marijuana, but stronger.
  5. are synthetic versions of the male hormone testosterone that are used to promote muscle development.

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  1. Rohypnola type of depressant that can be swallowed. It causes euphoria, reduced anxiety, loss of inhibitions, and drowsiness.


  2. risk factors of alcoholismdepresses CNS, lowers inhibitions, reduces judgement, decreases fine motor skills, slows reaction time, dulls senses, alters balance, body temperature drops, breathing & heart rate slows


  3. Helper T-cellsare a group of highly addictive drugs derived from the poppy plant that are used as pain relievers, anesthetics, and sedatives


  4. epidemic-disease that spreads quickly through human populations all over the world.


  5. Zero Tolerancedescribes the ingestion or application of a drug or other substance in quantities that are excessive. An overdose is widely considered harmful and dangerous as it can result in death.


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