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  1. vindicate
  2. lofty
  3. bona fide
  4. rustic
  5. clique
  1. a vey high; noble
  2. b a small, exclusive group of people
  3. c genuine; sincere
  4. d county-like; simple, plain; awkwar; one who lives in the country
  5. e to clea fom hint or charge of wrongdoing; to defend successfully against opposition; to justify

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  1. an introduction; that which comes befoe o leads off
  2. able to float easily; able to hold things up; cheerful, hopeful
  3. endlessly
  4. not capable of being held or defended; impossible to maintain
  5. getting on well with others; agreeable, pleasant

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  1. severto seperate, divide into parts


  2. migrationa movement from one country or region to another


  3. perceiveto be aware of though the senses, observe; to grasp mentally


  4. rancidwretchly poor; un-down; mean or selfish


  5. sordidstale, spoiled


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