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  1. migration
  2. sever
  3. concede
  4. clique
  5. ad infinitum
  1. a endlessly
  2. b to seperate, divide into parts
  3. c a small, exclusive group of people
  4. d to admit as tue; to yield, submit
  5. e a movement from one country or region to another

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  1. wretchly poor; un-down; mean or selfish
  2. to clea fom hint or charge of wrongdoing; to defend successfully against opposition; to justify
  3. to divide and give out in shares
  4. able to float easily; able to hold things up; cheerful, hopeful
  5. genuine; sincere

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  1. untenablenot capable of being held or defended; impossible to maintain


  2. perverseinclined to go against what is expected; stubborn; turned away from what is good and proper


  3. rusticstale, spoiled


  4. congenialto admit as tue; to yield, submit


  5. rancidwretchly poor; un-down; mean or selfish


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