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  1. vindicate
  2. untenable
  3. perverse
  4. prelude
  5. ad infinitum
  1. a to clea fom hint or charge of wrongdoing; to defend successfully against opposition; to justify
  2. b an introduction; that which comes befoe o leads off
  3. c inclined to go against what is expected; stubborn; turned away from what is good and proper
  4. d not capable of being held or defended; impossible to maintain
  5. e endlessly

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  1. county-like; simple, plain; awkwar; one who lives in the country
  2. getting on well with others; agreeable, pleasant
  3. to be aware of though the senses, observe; to grasp mentally
  4. wretchly poor; un-down; mean or selfish
  5. to divide and give out in shares

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  1. migrationa movement from one country or region to another


  2. severto seperate, divide into parts


  3. concedestale, spoiled


  4. buoyantto lose size, strength, or power


  5. cliquea small, exclusive group of people


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